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  1. thewizardozz

    1999 KX125 Rebuild

    The cylinder looked great. It started 4th kick. Thanks for the tip about the ring gap, I don't really want to drain all the coolant and everything again. I was anxious to take it out for a test ride. I called the local Harley dealer, and they agreed to let me ride it in their parking lot. The beginning video, in which I stall it 3 times before it goes. Two strokes are a whole different world to me. I think I'm addicted. The power is there. I can't imagine what a 250, much less a 500 must be like. Mad respect to those that wrestle them around a track. The more entertaining video. The power to slide the tires was there. It took lots of self control not to... I was surprised that it smoked so much, until I realized that the choke was stuck on. It runs much better now, and doesn't smoke near as much. On a side note, I got my first pair of dirt bike boots and a chest protector/roost guard after this video. Bought used, and they fit well. All I need now is a race suit.
  2. thewizardozz

    1999 KX125 Rebuild

    So, the odd parts have been coming in. Got a Wiseco top end, pro-taper grips, MSR shift lever, stock silencer, Tusk throttle tube, and air filter. I installed the top end over the weekend. It went way smoother than I expected it too. I cleaned the powervalve while I was there. I've done 3 heat cycles, letting it run for around 5 minutes each time. She's a smoker for sure. My neighbors aren't too happy. I can't wait to ride it. However, I forgot to measure the ring end gap. I'll take it back apart this weekend to make sure.
  3. thewizardozz

    1999 KX125 Rebuild

    Nah, I wish mine had hydro brakes. This is my first bike with them. My old CRF100 had drum and hydro feels different. What are roost marks?
  4. thewizardozz

    1999 KX125 Rebuild

    I had read about that. It just doesn't feel anything like my mountain bike disk brakes. It'll just take some getting used to.
  5. thewizardozz

    2008 KX125 Electrical Issue

    You say that it will work on other bikes, but not yours. Have you gapped and changed the spark plug? It may also be grounding. When I bought my KX the PO had disconnected the CDI and ground wires by accident. Man, I hate electrical problems. Good luck.
  6. thewizardozz

    1999 KX125 Rebuild

    You realized it quicker than I did with the brakes. All the brake pads were shot. The rear ones were worn down to the metal. One of the front brake pistons was cracked and the master would need a rebuild. Instead of trying to find parts, I bought the entire front brake assembly from a wrecked 00 KX. It bolted right up and works great. Is the front brake on these normally this squishy? I can pull the lever almost all the way back to the bar. The rear reservoir tab was broken off, but still attached to the frame. I used E600 to glue it back together. The rear brakes were fine besides needing new pads. Filled up with DOT 4 and works great. The guy that had it before me had his shop look at it. They said it looked great and had an almost new crank. I assume OEM. I've still got a few years, quit making me think about that... I keep drooling over build threads on here and decided to start one about this bike. Glad somebody's enjoying it. Next update: The Rebuild...
  7. thewizardozz

    1999 KX125 Rebuild

    I bought this bike around a month ago and am just getting around to posting it. This will hopefully be a full rebuild thread. Keep in mind that I am a broke 15 year old and will update as I have time. The bike is a 1999 KX125. Paid $500 for it. Supposedly only needed a top end and to have the brakes filled back up with fluid and bled. The previous owner gave me the old piston. He said that he drained the brake fluid because he took the wheels off to put on new tires. It will be my first big bike that I've fixed. The bike came with a full tank of gas and a center stand. It also came with a side stand. I checked all the big things, chain and sprockets were good, it kicked over, tires looked new, pipe looked undented. I realized it had a broken throttle tube, it was missing the silencer, needed misc bolts, shift lever, air filter. Nothing big (yet). It looked like a great bike to fix up and sell. After looking at it in more detail, I have come up with a theory about its background. I think it raced by a guy who knew what he was doing. Then, it was crashed hard, guy got scared and sold it to the guy that I bought it from. The guy that I bought it from only had it for a week and got married. His wife was making him sell it. Maybe he'll be on here and recognize his bike. It has ProTaper bars, Boyseen reeds on stock cage, rear Excell rim, Front D.I.D. rim, Pro Circuit expansion chamber, P3 pipe skid plate, Motion Pro stickers. Just little things that add up. Crashed parts: Broken throttle tube, cracked clutch lever perch, broken rear brake fluid reservoir tab, bent rear brake disk, front brake blew, took out the 2 subframe bolts that hold the seat and rear plastics on, one side seat tab ripped out of seat, no air filter, rear fender airbox cover broke, no shift lever, no air filter, new D.I.D. front rim. I think the crash took out quite a few things, and he bought new ones to sell.