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  1. AndyD1

    Tuning FE 250 for low end power

    We have a 2018 250 FE for my kids and when I feel like riding something other than my KTM 250 XCW. I did the desmog, changed the fuel rail, replaced the end cap on the silencer, pulled the reed cage and installed the tube, changed the gearing to 13/50 and adjusted the TPS. While it did run much better than stock it still seemed to be lacking in power compared to the 2006 Honda crf 250x we had prior. I was talking with a local trusted mechanic, he rides a 2017 350 FE, about it and asked how his 350 was set up. The only real difference was he runs a Vortex ECU. While I was somewhat skeptical I went ahead and bit the bullet and ordered one. WOW! What a difference, I was advised to set the TPS back to the stock setting which I did, and installed the Vortex. Now that's how a bike should run. Friends who had ridden the bike before I installed the Vortex confirmed what I was feeling. It totally changes the motor performance and I can feel a definite difference in the 4 of 10 maps I have tried so far. I have not adjusted the fuel inputs yet, just played with different maps. When I have tried them all and settled a favorite I will start tweaking the fuel just a bit. So far map 7 is the one I prefer for the riding I do. One of the things I love about my 250 XCW (2 stroke) is the lack of engine braking. Engine braking on the 250 FE, before the Vortex was installed, almost put me over the bars a couple times. After installing the Vortex I thought I was feeling a serious reduction in the engine braking on the 250 FE. I was a bit surprised by it and asked a friend to ride it. He noted the same thing. I contacted Vortex to ask about this. They confirmed what I was feeling and said that a correctly running 4 stroke will have less engine braking than one that in not running correctly. I highly recommend the Vortex if your looking for more from your motor.
  2. AndyD1

    RK Tek Dome Testing TPI

    JD 6x installed yesterday. Tuned and ridden good call.
  3. AndyD1

    RK Tek Dome Testing TPI

    Did you try a JD Power Surge 6X? I'm not sure I'd know what to do with an advanced unit like the Get ecu
  4. AndyD1

    RK Tek Dome Testing TPI

    Did you find that the tpi ran lean the the RK head installed? I have a 2018 ktm 250 TPI. I’m at 144 hrs now. It’s run flawlessly a bit on the rich side since new. The only mod was an fmf turbine 2.1 silencer. At 142 hrs I did a new piston, vforce 4 reeds and an RK Tek head. I ran it for 3 yesterday and pulled the plug this morning. It’s now running very lean which I assume is the RK head. Any experience or thoughts? Plans for your 300 TPI?
  5. AndyD1

    2018 250XCW suspension rework

    I love the Kreft revalve on my 2018 250 xcw tpi. So much so that I'm thinking I will get the same work done to the kids/loaner bike we have, a 2018 Husky 250 FE, that I take out to ride regularly myself. I think that if you filled out their rider profile and then called to talk to them about what you want you'd likely be very happy with what they did for you. And yes if you take the plunge go all the way and get the micro finish done. I'm fortunate to live close to their Bend OR location and was able to cycle both a stock fork leg and a leg with the micro finish, big difference. No, I do not work for them nor am I associated with them other than having them work on my suspension.
  6. If the xplor fork doesn't work for you the Kreft Revalve is amazing ( http://www.kreftmoto.com/revalve-control/ ). Im not associated with them I just love what they did to my suspension.
  7. I can’t speak to the 300 xcw TPI but I absolute love my 250 xcw TPI. The 300 was not an option in the us when I picked up my 250 but I don’t think I’d switch. I’ve read that that the 300 feels slightly heavier but not much. It would defiantly have more grunt down low but for me I love the way the 250 lugs but still spins up quickly. I’m a 54 yr old that just returned to riding after a 10 year break. I love the way the 250 rides flowing single track and technical stuff. I don’t think you could go wrong with either one honestly.
  8. AndyD1

    Four stroke to 2 stroke

    Ditto and enjoy riding them both. I prefer my 250 TPI 2T but regularly grab the Husky 250 fe loaner/kids bike just for a fun change.
  9. AndyD1

    New Piston time or let it ride?

    Ok so I’ve gotten around to pulling it apart. Note this is the first time I’ve pulled the piston on a motor.
  10. AndyD1

    New Piston time or let it ride?

    Thanks for all of the input, now that I've taken it half apart I'm going to go ahead and replace the piston and inspect the cylinder... I'll post up pics later.
  11. AndyD1

    New Piston time or let it ride?

    I’m running the Motorex 2T fully synthetic Cross Power. I’ll pop the head off later and and try to post some pics. At a minimum I’ll be installing the RK head and doing a compression test. Riding the loaner/back up bike this am since we are having a low snow year=hero dirt
  12. My 2018 xcw 250 TPI is now at 143 hrs but being new to 2T I didn't know it was a good idea to compression test it when it was new (back in March). I just tested the compression and it was 165 lbs. The bike seems to run like it did when it was new. I live at 3800 ft and realize that factors in some. I called the local dealer and asked if they had done any compression tests on either new or used 250 tpi's, the reply was no they hadn't. I haven't pulled the head to look at the top of the piston but l did cycle it while looking thru the exhaust port. The piston appears very uniform with no wear signs that I can see. I'm a 54 year old trail rider and tend to ride a gear up and lug it, feathering the clutch, more than getting on the pipe and letting it scream. I have an RK Tek head to install and a new oem piston kit that just arrived. After the compression test and inspecting the piston thru the exhaust port, I'm leaning towards just installing the RK head and see how it goes. What would you do?
  13. AndyD1

    250 TPI sparkplugs

    I put the stock plug with 40 hrs on it back in it for Saturday’s ride, it was back to running flawlessly with no bog.
  14. AndyD1

    250 TPI sparkplugs

    Yes I saw Kyle’s video, what he describes, I would say, is the same thing I experienced.