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  1. Rotel? Mild or Original? Great with queso
  2. jconn465

    Gotta Love Grumpy Old Guys

    Tell him you identify as a riding mower and he’s Racist. Or just say ok have a nice night
  3. No...just be sure an call em pet names. To avoid a cracked skull.
  4. Using different equipment often made me more versatile. Easier to adapt to different situations. My 2¢
  5. jconn465

    After Market Tank Height

    Went from stock tank to 5.3 gal acerbis. Full tank makes it top heavy CG is changed. A lil getting used to. Extra range is great matte finish is good. No polishing. Overall worth the cost.
  6. jconn465

    Acerbis Tank Cap Help

    Dunno. My 650 doesn’t seem to mind not having a vent hose. Never had a pressure or vacuum issue. I will say the 5.3 is LARGE. Yes they are vented and no they don’t have to be locked.
  7. jconn465

    Acerbis Tank Cap Help

    I bought the locking cap when I purchased the tank. Works fine. Well worth the lil extra bux. Should be the same for older tanks.
  8. jconn465

    Wide rear tire vs slim?

    Oh yes. Can we have a Rotella thread. lolol JK. Please NO.
  9. jconn465

    Post-maintenance OCD

    This is normal for most DIYers. No matter what I’m doing I double triple check. And for most service people who don’t like callbacks
  10. jconn465

    Brand new SSB Battery with 2 Volts

    Double check with a VOM. MAY HAVE faulty display. imho
  11. jconn465

    Suzuki TS vs Yamaha DT

    Both were fun back in the day. 50/50
  12. Gloves boots skidlid some type of jacket with some protection that’s how I roll at almost 60 . Dayum started riding at 12. Ahh fun times, been thinking about a local MSF course!
  13. jconn465

    New to me xt350 wont start.

    My SOP of diagnostics not in any specific order Air,fuel,Compression,Spark,Timing. From what you stated I would check after kicking it several times any fuel on plug . Just an old rednecks opinion!
  14. jconn465

    Removing Glue From Frame

    Goof off is what I refer to as very Hot solvent much like acetone. dissolves clearcoat and paint. imho. Rain Ex and a stiff shop rag
  15. jconn465

    Removing Glue From Frame

    Personally I use Rain Ex. And it won’t harm paint