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  1. Thanks for all the help guys. This is my first post in here and the best feedback I have ever received in any forum. It’s true what they say about dual sport riders. You are a bunch of cool ass MF’ers. I just started riding less than a year ago and you guys help keep the sport fun. 👍🏻
  2. Pretty much exactly what my mechanic said. He is not a bike mechanic but he rides. I had him take this for a spin and he said “leave it alone, whoever set this bike up knew what they were doing”
  3. Jeremy Evans

    Honda XL200R 1983

    Best deal I ever made.
  4. Jeremy Evans

    Honda XL200R (1983)


    Best deal I ever made.
  5. Jeremy Evans

    Honda XR650L (2012)


    My lady
  6. Jeremy Evans

    Honda XR650L 2012

    My lady
  7. Great info prairie. I will give that a go. I ran the bike today and I think I’m being a little anal. The bike has a ton of torque. It really runs great. I will play a little to try and get the popping to go away but I think you’re right on about the arrester.
  8. It does have a foam uni style filter. I was not sure of what the stock filter was so did not comment on the filter.
  9. I just bought a 2012 xr650l and it starts and runs great until about 4000 rpm give or take (I’m guessing) it feels like it spits and pukes. Also when releasing the throttle the exhaust pops and hiccups. I am calling the dealership to ask if they are willing to fix the problem as I just purchased from them yesterday but I am curious as to what the problem could be in case they do not offer to help for my “as is” purchase. I have read a couple other topics on here that talk about the vacuum lines being hooked up to an air cut diaphram but I don’t know what that is. The smog delete has been done on this bike as well as a slip on dg exhaust and the side cover has a bunch of holes drilled in it exposing the air filter. The battery has also been relocated. My question is what jetting should I have at 2000 feet? I am planning on opening up the carb to see what the idle jet and main jet are and if they were even changed from stock. Also if someone knows about the air cut being hooked up to vacuum and can supply pictures that would be very helpful. I know that the smog block off kits just plug the vacuum holes and the air cut usually gets disconnected. Thanks.