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  1. sportriding

    How often to tighten chain?

    not trying to step on toes but this is ho w do it with maybe a little more slack to make up for the offroad punishment. been working out fine for me. even long before we had youtube i did it this way and i did take a basic MC class in 85. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=how+to+adjust+a+motorcycle+chain
  2. sportriding

    How often to tighten chain?

    weight does make a difference. more weight changes the swing arm suspension then changes the chain tension. been doin' it my way for 40yrs. doin just fine. have a dual-sport right now for trail riding only. no problems. chain tension is often overlooked. When not done proper will lead to premature worn chain and sprockets. when the chain is too tight it will ruin the chain and sprockets and break rollers . The up/down swing arm action will loosen and tighten the chain. This is why there needs to be some slack when sitting still with the rider sitting on it to get the proper tension. .>>>>>Maybe you should read the threads then. I've laid out the text book method<<<<< Text books and manuals can be very helpful but not always right. Experience is the best teacher. btdt. Fine, do it what ever way you want. My way cant hurt.
  3. sportriding

    How often to tighten chain?

    i skimmed the threads. Didnt see anything about proper adjustment. It depends on the riders weight and riding conditions. Sit on the bike and make sure you have enough slack for the off road terrain. if the chain is too tight it will wear out the chain, sprockets and break rollers on the links. riding double is really hard on the chain and sprockets if you dont make the adjustment.
  4. sportriding

    battery maintainers

    i already bought one and seems to be cycling on/off without overcharging. would like suggestions on what standard US 120v wall plug battery maintainers you are using and decent when the bike is not ridden much in the winter.
  5. sportriding

    xr600r with toasted cam and swing arm rocker

    to wear it down like that i would say abuse, lack of care, maintenance, low on oil.....
  6. sportriding

    Big backfire issue and Tail light wiring

    angel.... fuel, air and carburation have nothing to do with backfire. It might have ignition problems. Get the manual and check the timing and advance. replace the main fuse with a new one.
  7. sportriding

    Case Halves Gasket Maker

    without reading the entire thread cant you get the proper gasket?
  8. sportriding

    Castrol 10w 30 in 1995 kdx 200 tranny?

    i would use what maker tells you to use for that model. i always use what the maker tells me use and that would be thier oil. something else might give clutch problems. then you need to pop open the clutch cover and replace the clutch disks. the makers motorcycle oil is designed for thier bikes and take the higher temp of air cooled and motorcycles wet clutch. something else not recommended might have problems.
  9. sportriding

    Championship bikes with estart and kicker

    1. yes, water cooled bikes have been here for a long time but have always been expensive and high maintenance. 2. yes, everything cost more than 30yrs ago. The problem is the gap between inflation and wages increased. Inflation accelerated faster than jobs and wages. You have to take into consideration what was wages back then. In the mid 70s an enduro was maybe $500. That was still a lot of money when basic minimum wage was $2.25 @$100p/week. With education and/or job skills wages were better at maybe $5 or more or maybe $200p/week or more. Wage increases back then were 25cents-maybe 50cents. Now wage increases are in dollars because the Feds have destroyed the dollar and telling us inflation is healthy. BS!!! What good has it done. All it did was chase business out because they got tired of the constant rising cost of doing business and taxes here in the US creating unemployment. Runaway Inflation of the money, taxes and bad financial decisions did this. Jobs left the US, inflation went wild and wages fell way behind. And don't forget runaway taxes and tariffs on import goods taxing us to death. You don't seem to understand what has happened. 3. trying to ride an injured radiator back could be a bad move. You will over heat. The temp sensor does not measure steam in the engine. Only water. The gauge might say it's not too hot or in the normal range. Not. Go there and find out and maybe destroy the engine. I would not try it. Not worth it. Do what you want. I wont risk it.
  10. sportriding

    Championship bikes with estart and kicker

    yeah, there's the good and the bad. The newer water cooled bikes are too much work and money to operate and maintain. We all take a spill sometimes. One situation is you could be way far from camp and the radiator might have taken a hit. The only way out of that is to be towed with a rope or push. yuk.....On an air cooled get up and get back on. I like alot of the new modern tech. Don't want water cooled on my dirt bike. I have asked alot riders on some of my outings on the newer water cooled bikes. They said they are to heavy.
  11. sportriding

    Championship bikes with estart and kicker

    xllnt, well done.. The newer high RPM and water cooled bikes are a maintenance nightmare money pit. Not interested. Ill take the older RM250 anytime.
  12. sportriding

    How not to get screwed when buying dirt bike?

    Is piston slap the same thing as an engine knock, or at least one thing that can cause an engine knock? Thanks no, its not an engine knock. Piston slap is a loud slap noise from the piston in the cylinder slapping against the cylinder wall when revved depending on how bad the rings, cylinder ports and piston are worn. The worse the wear the louder the slap noise will be. Extremely worn will be very loud when revved. I don't know how to give you an example of what it sounds like but it might sound like hitting 2 aluminum cans together real fast. rev it and listen at the cylinder. it will be a very noisy sound when revved. Probably wont hear when at idle. heres something from you tube. maybe it will help. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=2+stroke+piston+slap+sound+
  13. sportriding

    How not to get screwed when buying dirt bike?

    Adric, i only read the first page of replies so i dont know if the idea of piston slap was suggested when inspecting any 2stroke. 2strokes dont have a long ring life. They make great dirt bikes because of their light weight and power for their size and weight. 2 strokes wear at the ports and get what is called piston slap when the rings, ports and cylinder are worn. Rev it and listen for piston slap noise. If it has slap and you get it cheap it might be worth it. A new top end is needed. on a 4stroke i look at the oil, intake, exhaust ports and engine casing seals and gaskets for signs of oil leaks and consumption. if it's real clean i would be suspicious of consumption and oil leaks.
  14. sportriding

    What do I do at this point?

  15. sportriding

    Hard starting when warm