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    winter 2018-2019 bike build

    Well guys I finaly finished my xr650l winter bike build that I started last oct and here is what makes up this build, nx 650 gearing 2nd and 5th, R,S,W top & bottom triples, R,S,W axle with Emig caliper bracket loaded onto 2007 crf 450r front forks with all new seals and fluid dialed in to my weight, the whole motor was taken down to just 2 case halfs, rebuilt with 10.5.1 wiseco piston bored once over [ENGINE DYNAMICS]with new kible white valve seals, glass beaded all engine cases ,valve cover,jug, powdercoated with smooth black, the jug was cerakoted glacier black and stock xr650l header as well, valve caps were clear anodized, the motor was set into a 1983 xl600r that was bead blasted and powder coated tuxedo black, the reason I chose the 83xl frame was it is shorter in height and length and I wanted a cush drive so I went with stock xl600r wheel and the price was right, I installed a 1984 xr350r showa rear shock that was completely rebuilt with new oil and nitrogen charged with a 12.5 kg Eibach spring, brand new DG rear exhaust, pro tapper 7/8ths silver anodized bars, pro tapper grips, rsw inch half risers, headlight is a PIAA 6 AND HALF ROUND 90 watt beam with a custom built dash with a 12 volt charging port and a led meter and under the bars I custom built a 6 inch wide x 4 inch ram mounts with 10mmx 1.25 thread to hold a gps and a phone or a drink holder, front tire is a perelli that I had and rear is a shinko 805 block series, chain is custom made by Jeremy welling co[ he is a big manufacturer in all types of anything rolling], oring gold color with a sunstar 48 tooth rear sprocket and a fritzco 14 front , the wiring harness was bought from california steve or aka xrl steve, the switches bought on ebay like 90% of the bike was, the speedo is just a china dial type that I wired in to light up with the directionals blink inside as well, I will be eventually going with a vapor tech possibly, yesterday it was 50 degrees here so in my basement it was 65 so I was able to finaly fire her up for 5 mins or so and all sounded real good so that was a relief, I rebuilt a old rm 80 back when I was 19 yrs old so this was a challenge since that was 31 yrs ago but with some tips from steves build thread and another freind who did his 1983 xr350 things went pretty smooth. the story goes ive always wanted to do the nx 650 gearing and it so happens one of the face book groups I bumped into a guy who had tires put on his xr650l and on his way from having it done the chain flew off going 20mph locking up front sprocket[they forgot to tighten the rear wheel ,bummer] the bike still idled fine but when put in gear it made horrible noises so I asked him if it was for sale and the rest is a wrap, I got it for a good price so I was able to build this whole bike within the budget I set besides a few things I had to buy twice like the front rim, I wasn't able to use the xl600r rim it is totally different and swaping bearings wasn't the issue,rotor and width were a problem, thats it the build was fun fortunately I have the access to bead blast and powder coat that saved me a lot , the tank is a clark used off ebay the 1983 xl dont have many choices on aftermarket tanks and red neckin one was not in the plansand i kinda like the translucent style myself the battery was mounted under seat.. cheers!.
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    marc b

    HERE is my just abought finished winter build I started in oct 2018 , 2003 xr 650l motor rebuilt 10.5,1 wiseco piston,nx650 2nd and 5th,07 crf usd forks with 1983 xl600r frame , everything was blasted and powder coated,origanal 83 xl tank and swing arm, custom ram mount, heavy duty Eibach 12.7 kg rear spring with 1984 xr350 shock is one of the last things I will be installing this weekend along with the uni filter for the carb, I will be puting a white ims tank and a honda white and black gripper style seat cover from argentina, custom made rear blinker brackets, rsw tripples, emig brake caliper bracket to run stock wheel and 260 mm rotor
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    marc b

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    2001 XR650L Color Coded Wiring Diagram HELP

    Oh ok thank you.
  6. Marc Barbosa

    2001 XR650L Color Coded Wiring Diagram HELP

    If not black then what should color be??? Any idea????
  7. Hello thumpers I recently finished my xr650l motor build with 10.5 .1 cr and nx650 2nd and 5th gears, I also finished powder coating up the1983 xl600r frame, now after measuring all the bolt holes from motor to frame they seem to be on point but when I tried to fit the motor in it and it seems I need a 1/2 inch more to get by the front down tubes, I had the oil lines on which I allready know need to come off and the swing arm is on the frame which I think might need to come back off, sitting on the bike the only way I see it can go inn is from right side, does anyone have pics of the 650l motor in a 1983 xl600r frame?? I allready know abought air box and have that solution but any advise other than what I mentioned needs to come off would be appreciated thank you, ! p;s I did read some topics on people thinking on doing this but no real info on if it has or any pics!. ive been told it will fit and I think eventually it will ,maybe I am approaching this wrong if so please correct me.!
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    honda crf 450 front forks

    Hey guys I am in the process off my first bike build after having many bikes since my first at age 9 I had a honda z50 and many more but this will be my first build and there are a few items specifically I would like to incorporate into the xr650l bobber style build, I just picked up a xr650l motor for a real cheap price the previous owner had tires put on his bike and they forgot to tighten the rear wheel so u know what happen next ,yes the chain flew off jammed in the front drive, he was able to get this lose but only when put in gear it made a grinding noise, I tore the motor down and while doing so I found a broken gear tooth stuck on the pulse pick up [must have traveled through that tiny pocket between cases, once I got to the bare bones I found c2 was shredded missing have teeth and m2 dinged up prety good, so I intend on doing the nx 650 2nd and 5th gear swap and have a good prospect for that , the piston looks fine and the cross hatching is still present on the cylinder walls so thats a plus ,the wrist pin was not free spinning and I had to lightly tap that out and there was a little bit of discoloration but what I can not wrap my head around is that I have read that there is not enough compression to pull 5th gear being stock so my question is has there been people who wish they put a higher compression piston after they did this conversion???I am trying to build this bike within a budget but I also want it to be worth my while of being able to do short runs down highway with out feeling like it needs a 6th gear, the combustion chamber looks good some carbon built up in the exhaust ports and the combustion chamber but not to bad I believe, I just might throw some kibble white exhaust and intake seals in, there is a nick on the main crank weight but very very small dont think thats a issue, I did find the rest of the gear teeth at the bottom of the fork plate and some gauging in the case by the plate but thats not a concern, I have in mind to put the honda cr450x front forks in a 650l frame as I have heard you do not need to change the steering head is this true??? the motor only had 1,200 miles when this happened and I did not no this guy but now know that he was true to his word on it having low miles! any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated as I am buy far no expert but always willing to learn and take advice on the guys who are, I prepped the cases for cerakote and still need to do the jug,valve head and cover before I decide on what else is needed from feed back this build will go through the winter and hoping for next spring, below I will post pics with more to follow, thanks Marc!
  13. Hey guys just wondering the best manual out there to repair and rebuild on the xr 650l besides the Clymer manual and maybe were to find it , going to be doing the counter shaft on a xr650l im pretty certain it is bent due to the chain flying off and binding up, just bought the motor from a friend and decided I would givr this a shot and while im in there do the 2nd and 5th gear mod, thanks .
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    03 xr650l for sale.

    I just did he sold it to me for 500 shipped to my door from Maryland, its going to be a learning curve for me and I know my Clymer manual wont cut it so I will have to buy the more detailed rebuild type manual any suggestions maybe Haynes has one or the factory honda one.
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    03 xr650l for sale.

    Hey guys a friend of mine brought his bike to the shop to have new tires installed long story short he picked up the bike and while driving home the chain flew off and jammed up in the front sprocket ,he was able to remove the chain but now when he puts it in gear it make a nasty noise in the lower end,possibly a bent counter shaft??? but he has since bought a new motor he found for a fair price, he is selling this one for 600 bucks do you think thats a deal if it is the counter shaft?? AND IF IT IS is this a hard job, I have never done one but the bike only had 1,200 miles and I know the whole motor needs to be torn down just to get to the shaft but since it is so new I wouldn't need to replace anything I hope other than maybe the counter shaft and what ever else I may find related to itthat is broke, im thinking on buying this and giving her a shot at fixing and do the 2nd and 5th gear modification while im in there. let me know your thoughts and if you believe its worth the 600 bucks shipped to my door, thanks.