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  1. Derrydr

    Left side directional assembly

    Sorry. I cannot figure out how to send photos
  2. Derrydr

    Left side directional assembly

    Here are some photos of the problem. How does this go back together. Dr 650. Suzuki.
  3. Derrydr

    Left side directional assembly

    Sorry for the lack of info. This is a 2017 dr 650. I put new bars and made an error by unscrewing this part. So left ide , small lead threaded pc1/4 inch. A spring, a black black coat with one edge at a angle. I have no idea how to reassemble. Thank you you for the return email. Jim
  4. Derrydr

    Left side directional assembly

    New to this forum, can anyone tell me how to reassemble the left side directional assembly, specifically the part that consists of a small lead sink a spring and a black plastic square insert pic. I unscrewed this by accident and the whole thing exploded and hit the ground. Tried to look at it with a calm approach but no luck if if I am in the ring place to post this please advise thanks jim