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  1. Evan Dodd

    Does Michigan brand ORV titles as ORVs?

    On the title if it cannot be plated it should say Off-road vehicle, not for road use. If it doesn’t you should be able to plate it.
  2. Evan Dodd

    Kx100 jetting and spark plug color

    Looks like your getting too much air too me from what I can tell. Should be a golden brown color all across the threads
  3. Evan Dodd

    KX450F Big bore tuning?

    Different timing, new mapping.
  4. Evan Dodd

    01 cr250 lighting coil

    I have one from Steahly they are good. It is rather complicated to do, at least for a kx. You need to know how to Sotter. It will come with a wiring diagram though.
  5. Evan Dodd

    Cylinder head

    No. Get a new one, they’re cheap on ebay
  6. The Trails in Atlanta Atlanta trail and route, and Atlanta to hunt creek mccct are pretty good. Tight withRoots and rocks on the singletrack and at trails, pretty tight and windy trails on the two track as well
  7. Evan Dodd

    1989 Cr250 Crankshaft

    I have seen that but is there anything else you need to do to make it work. With timing? I thought it weighs more
  8. Evan Dodd

    1989 Cr250 Crankshaft

    I getting to the point where I need to replace the crank in my ‘89 Cr250. I cannot find one for that year. Are there any that will work? I saw something about a 92-01 crank but didn’t go into details.
  9. Evan Dodd

    part identifiction

    Depends really. Some people run it with no slack where as soon as you turn the throttle it moves. I personally like a little slack before the throttle engages. Since it’s a kid riding it I would leave a little bit of slack
  10. Evan Dodd

    part identifiction

    Throttle cable. Attached to the twisting grip, which is the throttle. When the throttle is twisted the engine is given fuel and the bike moves. If he messed with it he could have loosened it which will make the bike feel slower, and weaker. I don’t know about the smoke. Twist the throttle back and forth and see if it moves back and forth without resistance and how much
  11. Evan Dodd

    CRF250X Clutch

    You may need a new Clutch cable. Old one could be stretched out too much
  12. Evan Dodd

    98 yz250 Compression

    Get a bore gauge and measure your cylinder bore. Not 100% accurate but pretty close. Same thing happened with my Kx. If you do need your cylinder redone get it replated not sleeved. My Cr is sleeved and it is so much worse than nikasil. I’d suggest sending your Cylinder to Us chrome in wisconsin.
  13. Evan Dodd

    2001 kx 250 2 stroke

    Sounds like your big end crank bearing is bad. Probably the connecting rod moving up and down is the noise your hearing. Like everyone else said get a service manual. It will make things a lot easier
  14. Evan Dodd

    1997 300ex no spark...

    I’d have to think it would be a problem with the spark plug wire, or spark plug may be old. Maybe something was installed wrong
  15. Evan Dodd

    1997 300ex no spark...

    Could be bad CDI, Bad Wires, Bad Coil. Does it have a battery? That could also have something to do with it