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  1. 04_CRF250X

    Good Trails

    does anyone have any GPS cordanants for the place near Aberfoyle? i wouldnt mind a place to ride close to home!
  2. 04_CRF250X

    Rear disc guard for 01-03 rm's

    I just made one out of 1/4" al. seems to work well.
  3. Thanks for the info oh no the crf250 is long gone
  4. Sorry to hijack, but im wanting an 18 rear tire too. Do I just need to buy an 18" rim and spoke kit and re-use my stock hub? I was under the impression i needed a new hub as well.
  5. 04_CRF250X

    Chain guide wearing out fast

    i just relpaced mine on my 06 RM250 too this year and it was because it had a 12 tooth sprocket on it. Stock gearing is a 13 on the front. Thats why the excessive wear.
  6. 04_CRF250X

    hare scramble???

  7. 04_CRF250X

    Clarke or IMS oversize tank?

    AHAHAHAHA that was last winter during the rebuild, i was installing a coolant overflow, but never found a way i liked to mount it. lol
  8. 04_CRF250X

    Clarke or IMS oversize tank?

    I got an IMS for x-mas last year ans cant be happier. BUT whatever you do dont turn the petcock around so you can see the lever. i did this thinking i could reach/see it better, but it just makes it easier to get ripped off. Found that out the hard way. IMS is fairly white.
  9. 04_CRF250X

    Cured the winter blues! (PICS)

    SAme here, id say bout 95% of the vehicles in the parking lot are NOT toyotas. I dont really want to level it out, i just want to be able to fit at least some 33's. Some say i can stock and others not. Im just driving it as is for now, just thinking down the road for when i will NEED new tires.
  10. I finially found a way to cure the winter blues! BUY A FRIGGEN TRUCK! i finially got a tuck after looking forever, had a few get away from me, but in the long run it was worth it. Got exactly what i wanted! Its pretty sweet too, my old man has this same truck except its bout 27 years older! Considering im only 18 i feel pretty lucky to have this and can afford it. But i work full time at TOYOTA factory in town so its cool. 05 Sierra. Pretty happy! BUT it sits too low in the front for my taste, thinking bout a leveling kit. but i have also herd not to do it. Looked in to the ready lift kits, anyone wanna point me in the right direction, i would like to fit 33's on when i get new tires.
  11. 04_CRF250X

    Lets see some 2-strokes set up for woods

    06 250 The usual stuff.
  12. 04_CRF250X

    2000 Cr125

    Im going to look at one on thursday, picking up a second bike for my old man to ride. He currently rides an xr250, so he should like it a little better. But anyway, the price is 1600 bucks, which i think is a smoking deal! So is there anything about this model year to look out for? Good all around bike? Guy siad it had a fresh top end in july, and only rides with his son, which is on a 50.
  13. 04_CRF250X

    Need some help with 06 RM250

    Hey guys, quick background on the bike, bought it brand new last sept. Ran really rich, foulling plugs all the time, changed some jetting to some spare jets that came with the bike, and moved the clip to the secon clip from the top. Bike ran fairly good in the spring with still quite a bit of blue smoke and made my rear fender black, but was okay on plugs. Then went downhill, drown it out at a race wich caused us to rebild the entire thing, crank and all. Ran the same as before for 2 rides. AND now im having problems again. It wont start cold at all. change the plug, still wont start. Well it will start, but after kicking forever, bump start it, its good! And no problems starting hot. I have had this problem before, on the odd occasin before the rebuild even, but only once in a blue moon. Im pretty sure its jetting, but maybe not. Just looking for anything advice on jetting specs. Thaks for any help, Aaron