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  1. Kim Franz

    Will a 2014 CRF450 Shock fit my 06 CR250R?

    Tested it yesterday, it would be a direct bolt in with the cr clevis, indeed its about 2 cm short.
  2. lookin to upgrade my suspension on my 06 cr250, curious whats possible with some work.
  3. Kim Franz

    2007 CR250R supension upgrade/comp.

    as they dont support any cr model; which crf450/250 triple can i order that will fit my cr250? i only need to know till which year the 2007 stem is compatible to
  4. Kim Franz

    2007 CR250R supension upgrade/comp.

    im lookin for aftermarket parts. seen xtrigs with kayaba forks on the 3 speed cr and wondered whats possible for less money
  5. lookin to upgrade my old suspension on my 07 cr250. now the question is which is the latest year for triple clamps that bolt right on, and which is the latest bolt in upgrade for the shock? cheers