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  1. SSchmi5519

    Left and right hand grips?

    In the future...cut them off with a razor blade. =) Good motoing!
  2. SSchmi5519

    Left and right hand grips?

    When you buy grips, one is bigger than the other...to go on the throttle side. Yours are backwards.
  3. SSchmi5519

    2008 Starvation Ridge 24 hour race photos!

    Absolutely amazing photos.
  4. SSchmi5519

    02 duner..

    x2 on the 450. Get an 8 paddle.
  5. SSchmi5519

    Possibly switching from Honda?

    It's not even October yet. Don't you think its a little early to be roaming around in the pumpkin patch?
  6. Re-jet, boyseen QS2, NCVQ needle,...o wait... uh, lol. CP 13.5:1, U4.2, MRD exh, RHC cam?, EFI tuning unit, suspension set up, new rubber, grips & pegs.
  7. SSchmi5519

    Riding video of me

    Not cool. Not good.
  8. SSchmi5519

    2008 Honda CRF250R

    What did i say!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! No one ever listens to me...
  9. SSchmi5519

    World Premiere - 2009 CRF 450 - It's HERE!!!!

    I'm NOT getting rid of my 05. He11 no! Not a chance in the world.
  10. SSchmi5519

    What age??

    I started at 8...then it was all downhill from there, haha. Know what your getting yourself into and how many bikes they're gonna want to buy after they start and begin to grow out of their machines.
  11. SSchmi5519

    White Monster Pro Circuit

    Are you sure you didn't use some of this?!?!
  12. SSchmi5519

    I pulled you over because.....

    Measure your headlights!!!! Whats the measurement from the ground to the very top and very bottom of the light?
  13. SSchmi5519

    Craigslist DEAL of the Day

    Har har, oh so you think! lol im sure it isnt, just be happy that you got a killer deal! I got the one with the carbon fiber for god knows why and paid a lot more than that!!!
  14. SSchmi5519

    White Monster Pro Circuit

    Do you ever ride that? lol
  15. SSchmi5519

    finally got pics

    sooooo clean... ugh!