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  1. DdrossyD

    Do I need to mix Oil into my gas?

    nice gem you have; being curious, did a little searchin... i know some of these late 70's motocross or street and trails models would have the oil added into the frame itself. Had a 76 can-am 125 I inherited from my dad back in the 90's and just above the gas tank there was an oil cap right in the frame for adding the mix oil. When I started tinkering on it, had found he parked it in the garage after having blew a piston on account of the Oil feeding cable having frayed, and it was not delivering oil to the bike. The throttle cable design on them split like a Y - one for oil delivery and the other for gas - the gas cable was fine so without warning, braaap braap brrorouuuhhgg. When i put this bike back together in the 90's I just mixed the fuel and it ran fine. I found this link here that may help you out though. Page 2 - says you'll be mixing the gas and it calls for 20-1 CR250R yes, but according to the comments above (kattom64) these were all pratcially the same bike minus the additional hardware and classification. http://honda-elsinore.alp-sys.com/manuals/CR250R79/79cr250rOwnersManual.pdf if not, may something maybe worth investigating. cheers
  2. DdrossyD

    TX 300 Rear Tail Light and Wiring

    tackled this over the weekend and successfully installed the Tusk Under Fender L.E.D. tail/brake light with the Banjo bolt switch on the tx300 (Basic AC setup when engine running) I did have a mistep with the wiring initially...was getting mixed behaviors for what i now understand as a grounding issue I unknowingly kept including because of mistakenly labeling stock harness wiring one wire for tail and the other brake ..."doh". behaviors from no lights to all lights and every combination but the right one. In the end, here's how i got it working correct Under fender brake/tail light - https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/docs/Tail light instructions.pdf 3Wires: Ground = Yellow/ Brakelight = Red / Tail light = Black Banjo Bolt Switch = 2 Wires (doesn't matter which ones you choose to use - See https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/docs/Brake switch instructions.pdf I Started by cutting the bullet connectors and stock adapter from both the banjo bolt and tail light and then - Took the Red brake light wire and using a twist terminal, connect it to one of the banjo bolt wires/ shrink tube &/or tape it up - Yellow ground wire and connect a ring terminal bolt to ground bolt (i chose to use the negative on the battery, but you could tie this into the brown wire located under/near the cdi box) - with the Black tail light wire, using a butt connector wire this with the second banjo bolt wire in one end, with an additional piece of wire on the out end, connected to the white stock harness wire found under/near the cdi box(reference the very first photo in the initial post at the top: the white = hot / brown = GROUND - (the brown was my grounding issue, shorting out when using this ..which in my case had initially grounded to the battery..could have used it here instead and not have the problems i did.... ) Cleaned it up, shrink tube, cable tys and jobs done. Hope this helps with this setup the front head light and three way switch for high/low and off functionality. where off will also kill the rear tail/brake light as well as front headlight
  3. DdrossyD

    TX 300 Rear Tail Light and Wiring

    Right on, this does help. I also found out the connector under the CDI switch is for the taillight on the TX300 This should be a bit easier than initially anticipated for my application as It should not require having to tap into any other part of the wiring harness I'll try and document so that I can post some steps, tools and parts used once it's all finished
  4. Hey, Looking for some Wiring Harness, Connections and Installation assistance for installing a Tusk Universal Under the Fender LED Taillight with Brake Light on a Husqvarna 2017 TX300 The UTFLight comes with a plastic connector that would work with the tusk enduro lighting kit which i'll be removing so that I can plug into the stock harness. I've been told the stock harness is the same as what would be included on the TE Model, minus the actual headlight/taillight being present; which is the case for the headlight wiring . it's all there ready to go. For the taillight/brakelight however there is a bit more to be done. There are NO wires running to the rear of the bike or within the SubFrame as some have noted I'll need to run to existing wires, and could use some guidance for which connectors are needed, if a supplementary harness is required(if so which one) and which wires to connect to on the existing harness. There is very limited info in the manual (for either bike: TE/TX) or complete color harness diagram with info and connector information anywhere that I could find. I also picked up the Tusk Brake Switch Banjo bolt for the Brembo brakes (two wire, bullet connectors) - https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/docs/Brake switch instructions.pdf On the Brake side under the front/bottom of gas tank near radiator there is an existing connector (I think for radiator fan) and from it, two unused wires, I would say for tapping into the existing harness. 1 Solid Brown, 1 Yellow/Red - Shifter side, near the bottom rear of tank I found taped up cylinder style connector (Someone can enlighten me) i think switch wires ? maybe some terminator, each with the same color wire in as out. One is Gray/Black and the other White/Black Under the cdi box is a three plug connector with two wires, 1 Brown and 1 White, third unused- i was hopeful this could be the tail light connector but am unsure Help on harness, connector names /types and setup is very much appreciated