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  1. Thank you everybody ! For the help. I will.
  2. Yeah I'm afraid of that,,,,
  3. ,95. Yz250, has always been little bit hard to start. But sometimes first kick. It won't idle much, and I've only had it for little while, so I adjusted pilot a little to help the idle, 1/2 turn in, and it smoked too much soon as I rode it, so I put it back the other way, and it ran fine, but still have to gun it. 3 days later, put my normal stuff on, choke etc. Long story short, I spent 2 hrs trying everything, today, and it still won't start. Plug is not fouled. I really didn't make much adjustments to pilot that day. 1/2 turn IN, then put it back. But now never been this...hard, to start. This bike needs the carb pulled, but any advice , on what might be going on? Thanx
  4. That's funny Gator,. .... Do some "Speedway" with 'em. Ha
  5. No, I don't race, ... Just woods rider, casual,. Thanx everybody for your replies.
  6. Ok, I will. I'm wearing my , pull on leather work boots right now, but I'd like Moto boots.
  7. I'm 55, and haven't ridden Moto bike for 30 yrs,. But now I'm back, I'm still pretty decent rider. But right now riding my yz250, after buying helmet, what would you suggest Next,.... of saftey gear. Money is limited, but I like to go fast,...I just don't wanna dump it, and be hurt just cause I wasn't wearing something. And haven't checked prices of gear these days.
  8. It fixed itself, ! Next day went out, turned on fuel, no drip,. And rode for awhile, .
  9. Duly noted, appreciate it
  10. Thank you,. I will
  11. A tiny clear rubber tube on bottom of carb. On bottom sort of on side, by floats, the other end just hanging down. Was it always like this? Or does the other end go somewhere? Today after multiple trys with kick, choke on/off ,,,fuel keeps pouring out the tube. This bike has always been hard to start. Thanx guys!
  12. Yeah I know, ,, I'm jus gonna ask him to delay the sale, til he go get a title.