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  1. Thanks for the help. I am inquiring about the silencer only not the expansion chamber. I am wondering if there is anything to gain by using a shorter(std length not a shorty) aftermarket silencer over the super long "world spec" one. I could care less about the SA debate. Although I appreciate your input, it is not a concern for the areas I ride. After 2011 yamaha lengthened the silencer by 3 inches. I am wondering if this was only a noise appeasement/EPA deal or possibly a performance standpoint as well. I'm thinking there might be a chance I can use a std length PC 304, which is much shorter than the oem 250x silencer. Maybe a gain on the low to mid without as much sacrifice to the top end/overrev(which is excellent). .
  2. It's a '16 250x. It has that extra long oem silencer. Is there anything to gain by using a aftermarket silencer? Specifically, the PC 304, using the oem expansion chamber? When yamaha made the silencer 3" longer, did it cost anything? Of so, where?
  3. Over the last 3 years I've spent over $3500 with them. I called last night to inquire about a piston. They told me if it was ordered in the next hour (5:50pm est) it would ship that day(in the next hour). Nearly 24 hours later I have no tracking number. The only reason I know is because I have done business with them before. If I hadn't, I probably would have waited and not called until 3 days when the package didn't show. I check the website which says "status: problem" Next, I call. I am asked the billing address (RI) which I again confirm. Next I am asked of there is water near the billing address and, if so, could I please tell him what it is. No joke. Now, I have used this card more than once in the past. Also, I never received a call or email telling me there was a problem which concerns me. I ask if they can make it up to me with 2nd day shipping seeing how this is the 3rd time in 2 years( items listed on invoice but not in box happened 2x before) there has been a problem and I needed them asap. Of course, they can not. I ask to talk to a manager. 10 min later the same person comes back on the phone saying it is impossible to ship above ups ground because it includes oil. Here is what I would have done if I were running a company. -immediately called as soon as I refused to process a order using payment I had already used to correct whatever problem existed. Or called the next day. Not just wait for me to guess there was a problem. -take the quarts oil oil out, ship it ground and get me my piston, gaskets, parts when you said you would. -failing that, something else. The best part was anyone with Google maps could just look and find whatever he was looking for, a river, stream or, in this case, bald hill road and the alantic ocean.
  4. The best mod I've done on my 250x as far as drivability was fixing the squish, setting the float and dialing in the jetting. I'm about 500 feet asl. I had to change every circuit in the carb. All in all, it was less than $200 but you wouldn't believe the difference it made!
  5. I would look into bringing a 42 pilot with me, a jd red needle(top clip) and/or a rm250 needle and also main jets down to a 155 (for the rm needle) I would also recommend the 40 power jet. It was a great improvement for me at 400 feet asl. I cant imagine how much happier you'd be with it at 6k+ The oem needles are awful. I have a 2016 too. I feel your needle is your weak point. I cant imagine why these needles were used in these bikes. They are really that bad.
  6. I have a 2016 yz250x and about 15 other 2 strokes, for example... -1999 Johnson 913cc 3 cylinder outboard - husqvarna 550xp mark2 chainsaw -echo 2511t chainsaw -1957 Johnson 3hp outboard twin -1988 Johnson 88hp outboard v4 -echo weedwacker -several 2 stroke modle airplane engine both gas and alcohol/nitromethane.
  7. I have a 2016 modle. I've got it with 20 hours on it. I noticed a low rpm knock then rolling on the throttle in higher gears. I think it is just chain slap because neither pulling timing or running vp c12 really helped. I have also noticed that the bike is much louder when idling in neutral with the clutch out. I've kept a eye on it over the last 100 hours. It is still like day one.
  8. You need to lean the mikuni pilot jet/airscrew out like 2 sizes. Then perhaps raise the needle clip too. I wouldn't use less than 32:1 in a 125cc. I had the same problem on my 250x. It fouled plugs left and right. With corrected jetting I have over 100 hours on the spark plug using 2r@32:1 Yamaha makes the bikes so rich because if they didnt and some idiot got his new bike and stuck the top end running it at 0f at sea level it would make yamaha look bad to others who wouldn't know better.
  9. Why do you sound suspiciously like a ESR salesman?
  10. The new tape is much better. It says inspect the liner when replacing the bladder every year/100 hours.
  11. It says it in my manual which is about 3 years old. Perhaps they revised it to inspection only.
  12. It is in the manual. It says every year or every 100 hours. I think that is very conservative. I replaced mine at 100 hours and I couldn't find anything wrong with them or see any reason I couldn't have gone another 100 hours. Yes you can still get flats with tubliss. The difference is 98% of the time I can throw a plug or 5 in my tire and be back riding in less than 5 minutes without having ANY disassembly. That is worth it to me right there. I found running less than 8 psi with a tube left the rear end feeling like the tire was going to roll off the rim any second. With the tubliss I can run 0 psi and still feel confident, on the back at least and still brake slide into corners. The difference in traction between 10-12 psi and 4-6 psi is incredible. Tubliss is probably the number 2 mod I've done on my yz250x aside from fixing the jetting. I would never go back to using tubes.
  13. 1- No. If the inner bladder is inflated the sidewall is still stiff and driveable while the tread area is very very soft like you would expect a flat to be. I use a mt16 on the rear and it wouldn't bother me to run it flat. If you want to fix it, take 3 min while you stuff a tire plug in. If you dont finish the race. 2- I didnt really notice any set up changes. 3- the bead seats well. You pump the inner liner to 100 to 110 psi. The liner is like a tiny tube but all it does is hold the bead on, seal the tire, exc. There is still room in the tire. You have 2 valve stems. Because the bladder sets the bead, you would never try to seat the bead using tire pressure. 5- I have 100 hours on mine. They say to replace the red liner every year. It's like 20 dollars ea. 6- Not really. If you ran drastically different pressures, maybe. I love mine. 7- I can not see you blowing a bead off with the tubliss. I love mine. The difference in traction was amazing.
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