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  1. DethWshBkr

    How many people love there thumpers?

    I still like a 2 stroke, I mean, they have their merits, but I am much more comfortable and faster on my KTM 450SX than any 2 stroke. I am a lugger. I like torque.
  2. DethWshBkr

    Bubba Stewart riding a quad

    The numb nut on the quad turned in front of the bike. WHY, who knows. You'd THINK that he would have seen him.... They are BOTH lucky no one was killed.
  3. Honestly, you should be looking to your parents for help with this, not a bunch of no face numbnuts you met on the online. They will be much better at it for your situation.
  4. DethWshBkr

    Rausch Creek

    Well, as far as watering goes - hey, they are the BEST at watering the faces and landings of jumps. Other than that, watering has ALWAYS left a lot to be desired. But those faces and landings, WHEW! They always have those things nice and wet! Oh wait, that's not a good thing, is it? Usually, when watered, that place gets SLICK as ice. The main track has gotten better, but watering time usually = no riding for 20-30 minutes. The biggest thing I think they need to learn still, is to turn the dirt up. Hardpack stuff does not take water. You can't solve dust by watering asphalt. You need to chew the track up, corners especially, then water! ...Or, water, chew it up, water lightly again.
  5. DethWshBkr

    Goat Wins

    RC will probably STILL take the title, even if he only runs half the races. Wouldn't THAT be something funny.
  6. DethWshBkr

    Excel Black Rim Question: Durability?

    After a while, especially in sand, they get a sandblasted look. My rear is a black one now, and after three months or so, the edge is silver, from the tire rubbing into it from deforming on landings. (Same as rim clean) Chainging the tire, I've scuffed the edge, but, since it's silver anyway from the tire rub, you don't notice it. I do prefer the black rim look, as I'm sure most people do. And yes, they are not painted. It is anodizing, which bonds a coloing into metal, same as for the spiffy blue and red metals you see on expensive cars. You know, KTM just can do no right though. I read the latest MXA where they tested a KTM 250SX I think it was, and in it, they said they really don't like how the black rims will look bad in a little while. I bet if Honda or Yamaha put on blacks, they would be touted as great for using something other than the plain jane silver!
  7. DethWshBkr

    Where to buy in Harrisburg area? (Honda)

    Hu. Wow, I guess it all depends on who you see. When I was looking for a street bike, I went to a few places, no one would even talk price. You see tag? That's price. Leb Valley Honda, Dick knocked off 500 bucks before I even asked - and his price was already under Honda/BMW, now Velocity. Dirt bikes, I've never ended up paying less than advertised at Yamaha of Camp Hill, B&B, or anywhere else, other than Matto Cycle.
  8. Actually, when maintained properly, I've spent less on my KTM, yes, a KTM, than I ever did my KX250.
  9. DethWshBkr

    Where to buy in Harrisburg area? (Honda)

    Yeah, Matto is great, but they are 1.5+ hours from Harrisburg area. If you are a west shore Harrisburger, it may even be 1.75+ hours or so, depending on how traffic is on 83!
  10. The off-road four strokes do have milder ignition timing, slightly lower compression probably in some cases, and heavier flywheels, all which will make the bike seem slower. A full out MX/SX 4 stroke is very powerful.
  11. DethWshBkr

    Bubba Anyone Know What Happened If Hes Hurt Bad??

    Who the heck called Reed dirty there??? Man, do you ride a motorcycle? You do NOT hit someones REAR TIRE with your FRONT TIRE. YOU WILL GO DOWN!!!!!!! Reed did NOTHING wrong there. VERY aggressive riding! Fortunately, Stewart went off the track. Had he not, that case would have tossed him down hard. Reed is VERY lucky he didn't go down, because again, when your front hits someone else's rear, YOU usually go down.
  12. DethWshBkr

    Where to buy in Harrisburg area? (Honda)

    Check out Lebanon Valley Honda, www.lebvalcycles.com Velocity Cycles www.velocitycycle.net I've liked Lebanon Valley, they've always been pretty good, but I've never bought a dirt bike from them. Velocity Cycles, formerly BMW/Honda I never really liked, but I never bought anything from them really.
  13. I don't agree with "no helmet? You're a retard, you don't deserve a bike". That is just stupid. Heck, I'm even buying a helmet for skiing!! As said, nothing wrong with young and dumb, I think we were all that way, just take the helmet comments (and boot comments on another thread) as a way of everyone saying that it's definitely not a good thing - because accidents do happen, no matter how good you think you are. I think motoman393 was a good example of that. From what I'd seen from his website and pictures, he was a very good rider. He even wore all his gear, and got fatally hurt. It would just not be a good think here on TT to hear of another fatality, but especially if someone dies from no helmet. NO helmet, no gear, I have no sympathy for you if something happens. Street bikes same thing - PA recently recinded the helmet law (yes!) But I always wore one anyway. As far as I am concerned, no helmet, accident, you are responsible for all injuries related to the lack of proper gear. Same should go for MX bikes. Insurance should cover nothing if you didn't have all basic gear on. Chest protectors and kidney belts non needed, but boots and helmet yes.
  14. As far as "what could happen..." My cousin, who was a far better rider than probably anyone on this site, myself included (he raced with Billy Laninovich before he went pro) was just slow cruising, messing around, and ended up breaking his pelvis, which ended any chance he had of going full pro. So next time you see Laninovich riding around there, remember my cousin who ran with him all the time was decimated by a slow, stupid crash. So yeah, that's why they are called ACCIDENTS. I don't care how good you are, you're going to crash eventually. And yes, I do ride bicycle with a helmet. And my helmets have the dents and cracks to show what they've done for me. My worst road crash was after I had just cleaned up the bike, rode around the neighborhood slowly, came around a right corner, and the front end washed. I was barely moving, thankfully, because I DIDN'T have a helmet on. My temple and forehead were mildly scuffed. From that day forward, I have always worn a helmet. AND - you call those stoppies?!! I pulled better stoppies on my street bike! Wheelies, I blow.... It's OK to be young and dumb - but just pay attention to those of us who have learned better already.
  15. DethWshBkr

    '04 450SX, rear shock problem

    What kind of pricing is MX-Tech for said work? I haven't called in yet, but I'm just curious. I think my forks were 300 when I had them done on my 520 4 years ago.