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  1. Nop the Jd jet kit for my carb and suggestion from James Dean was 175 main, 45 pilot and 3rd clip blue needle. So that's what I did! It runs way better but I can still feel some stuttering on the low rpm range (0-1/4 throttle range). I've changed the main to 180 after that and didn't notice any difference except the color of the spark plug as you can see above.
  2. I've done some plug chop test and it's really difficult to read which jet is the best since there's almost no difference between the color of those spark plugs. Can you help me out with this? It runs great in the throttle range that the main jet affects with the 3 main that I tried. (1/2-wot) In the picture from left to right, I've had the 172 main,48 pilot (my summer setup) then the 175 main with 48 pilot in the middle and the right one was with the 180 main jet and 45 pilot (with needle from JD jetting). It's cold outside right now ( 0 degree celcius ) so I prefer to ride with the 180 main.
  3. I've tried this needle position and I still have the same symptoms. I'm gonna do a chop test to check if my main is too lean or too rich
  4. I've drop the needle clip by one and gonna test it tomorrow since it's dark at seven 0' clock here. The jet needle number on the needle is by order : A715 289R A327 A487
  5. The reeds are new with a brand new twin air filter (with usual film of oil)
  6. The clip is currently in the middle of the 5 grooves in the needle, I'll try to lift my jet needle buy lower the clip from third to fourth position. I think it is slide #7
  7. Already tried to dropped the 170 main(172 had wet and black plug) but it the bogging still remain.. start always on the first kick and when I put the choke on I need to hurry to close it back off because the bike revs really high!! After like 30 seconds I start ridding slowly and accentuate my throttle with the heat of the engine like it should be. And by this time the bike bogs alot and smoke alot too.. then it clears and it keeps bogging (0 throttle to half) until it clear out and enter the power band really fast. Next thing I'll try is to lower the pilot jet.
  8. Hi, my bike is a 2002 cr250 with some mods. The mods are a full procircuit pipe (Platinum expansion chambre and R-304 silencer) ,a vforce 3 intake and a twin air filter. I did the Keihin swap this summer and loved it! But now the weather is colder and the bike hesitate when I go WOT on the warmed bike. It runs really rich (smoke alot and stutter) for the first 3 minutes of riding then it seems to clear. No crank leak, fresh motor rebuild (7h), reeds are good so the problem must lay in the jetting. I cleaned the carb/jets and the problem still remains. The float is at the factory height (16mm), the Main jet is 172, Pilot jet 48 and stock jet needle position at an elevation of 450ft above sea level. Is it the pilot jet that's too rich? Thanks alot guys