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  1. ashfmxuk

    honda cr250r 03 power valve colour

    after installing the 430 main i noticed a slight improvement to the detonation issue the plug colour also had improved. I then lowered the needle clip by 1 therefore lifting the needle and boom my bike runs perfect, sounds better no detonation no fouling plugs in fact they are pretty much ideal in terms of colour.
  2. ashfmxuk

    honda cr250r 03 power valve colour

    Thanks man I just put v force reeds init 5 hours on them checked them and all good.
  3. Been trying to diagnose pinging issue firstly got a 430 main jet to try but noticed the rc valve was lose as &%$#@! not sure if that would ever create a ping type noise at 3/4 throttle. When inspecting the exhaust valves i did notice towards the ends of the valves that touch the cylinder they was greyish I am thinking now this is defiantly pinging and its to lean on the main jet?
  4. Hi recently rode a deep sand track and in high revs noticed an annoying clicking noise. Speaking to people they said it’s detonation and will be the main jet! I started to dismantle the carb and noticed the Reed block was only finger tight. Could the detonation just be caused from the reed block being loose as in an air leak?
  5. ashfmxuk

    Cold start choke or not?

    Miatour this is interesting so when you see things like starts first time with out choke this is a bad sign?
  6. ashfmxuk

    Cold start choke or not?

    Just wondering if anyone who owns a honda cr250r, "mine is an 03 super clean". When cold starting I am having to use the choke, I am sure back in the day about 2004-2008 I had no issues starting from cold without choke how ever maybe I always used the choke and forgot. But since refurb the bike with out choke when cold will not fire as soon as choke is on first time start. I have recently changed the plug still no difference. Is this normal or should this bike be starting from cold without choke?
  7. ashfmxuk

    Air box chamber dirt

    I am also using No toll at the moment and have questioned wether this oil is to good to be true "is an easy clean really worth engine damage"? That being said I am sure I have always had this even when I used super thick oils maybe I need to ride the same track twice to rule out if its no toll. I here notoll points so much there very 5050 some people swear by it! Most bike mechanics say avoid it like the plague. Still I really hope the grit in the boot is due to filter change as on filter inspection the seal imprint from filter looks more than tight enough. and the insides of filters are always spotless.
  8. ashfmxuk

    Air box chamber dirt

    It seems its all sealed the evidence is there, yet there is a few grains I see when I replace it may be falling in when I am changing I am hoping this is the case. Basically I am looking for similar experiences to back this theory up or tell me I am wrong
  9. ashfmxuk

    Air box chamber dirt

    Hey I have owned dirt bikes for pretty much ever I have had a Kawi, Suzuki, Honda and a ktm On everyone of these bikes when going to change the air filter If I have ridden sand I will find a few grains. I know hondas are nutorious for shit air filter seals and before I had the cage modified it was way worse. My seals when checking the filter seem to be air tight when removing and looking at the seal where the grease was its clearly been sealed correct. The air boot to air box is completly sealed with no leaks My question are, Is it normal to get a few grains in here? Is it posible these grains sneak there way in when removing the filter? Is there any other ideas on how this is getting in? Thanks guys
  10. ashfmxuk

    help gear shift

    I figured it out when the crank case is open if the shifter is pushed there is nothin to stop it. I must of pushed the shifter and it had un cliped from the shift arm . Really annoying but the gaskets all looked fine so saved me re buying those live and learn lol
  11. ashfmxuk

    help gear shift

    Really need some help just replaced crank seals done everything by the book put it all back together no probs. have not attached chain and sprocket kit yet. Went to put it in gear not running of course as I was testing the angle of the shifter made a louder click than normal maybe because there is no trans oil in there? then I went to put it back in neutral and nothing its well and trully stuck going to have to remove the clutch yet again. Any ideas what I may of done before I go to far?
  12. ashfmxuk

    Honda CR250 rebuild

    Got one there pretty shit in terms of details they seem to leave a lot of important facts out such as it states add the clutch plates staggered but doesn’t mention if it’s the same pack to keep them order.
  13. ashfmxuk

    Crank seal replacement, case damage

    It was my fault that one I had drilled in further than i thought and when pulling it out I heard the screw scratch it
  14. 1st. Whilst re doing my right crank seal I noticed what looks like a chip in the casing where the seal sits. My question is is this normal or likley a mistake done in the factory as surely if this broke whilst riding I would of known about it? 2nd. I caust the inner casing with a screw its only a scratch but should I be concerned with this or will it be ok. Probably need to zoom in on images
  15. ashfmxuk

    Rocker gasket

    Sorry yes base gasket, I put it on last week and noticed a dowl pin was a bit F***t I can either hold off until I do the top end again or for peace of mind regarding the dowl pin getting worse replace it now just sucks a new base gasket is £10 / $15 we get screwd in the uk for genuine parts.