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  1. Got one there pretty shit in terms of details they seem to leave a lot of important facts out such as it states add the clutch plates staggered but doesn’t mention if it’s the same pack to keep them order.
  2. It was my fault that one I had drilled in further than i thought and when pulling it out I heard the screw scratch it
  3. 1st. Whilst re doing my right crank seal I noticed what looks like a chip in the casing where the seal sits. My question is is this normal or likley a mistake done in the factory as surely if this broke whilst riding I would of known about it? 2nd. I caust the inner casing with a screw its only a scratch but should I be concerned with this or will it be ok. Probably need to zoom in on images
  4. Sorry yes base gasket, I put it on last week and noticed a dowl pin was a bit F***t I can either hold off until I do the top end again or for peace of mind regarding the dowl pin getting worse replace it now just sucks a new base gasket is £10 / $15 we get screwd in the uk for genuine parts.
  5. Can you remove the cylinder without replacing a brand new rocker gasket? I recently installed a new rocker gasket when doing the top end on my cr250r I new down pin was coroded but did not have any spare “shameful” I tightened it all up and started the bike once.
  6. Turns out there was a washer but had welded it’s self to the bolt
  7. @TT Silver Member I took the plunge and am going with replacing every oil seal. One thing I cant work out though the clutch plates, the friction plates the ones with notches was all in complete random order like not aligned not staggered do these matter how they go back in? Like should they be aligned?
  8. Was looking at replacing my drainage plug on my CR250r 03 and noticed that on there parts diagram there is a washer Is there supposed to be a washer on the drainage plug. Part 9410912000 WASHER, DRAIN PLUG, 12MM Sure this was never on my bike anyone els?
  9. Cool will do them both going to just get a full oil seal kit and do them all. If I remember correctly clutch holder and fly wheel puller should be enough?
  10. Thanks is it still worth doing the crank seals if I am planning a new bottom end rebuild next year?
  11. Just got some reeds brand new today I am a bit worried they are faulty sure there should be no light showing through If anyone could take a look at these images and let me know if this is normal or not? Thanks
  12. one has flaps the same as oem the other does not thats the one that came when i ordered
  13. Currently rebuilding my CR250R 03 that has been sat not used for maybe 8-10 years so far inspected all of the top end cleaned it up rebuilt the sus everything on the bike looks great i have warnededto keep an eye on the oil seals such as sprocket shifter etc but not heard anyone say to check out the water pump. Should I open th water pump casing just to check for signs of wear or maybe even rust I imagine that could form in there? Or would this just be a waste of time and money on new gaskets? thanks ash
  14. I need some new reeds and want to go with v force, however when I shop I can’t understand why sometimes the reeds are caged and sometimes not? Heres an example caged not caged are these diffent products? Or like did they lose the cage in later versions no idea? Just want to know what I should buy thanks
  15. So I am rebuilding my cr250r it’s probably not been started in maybe 5-6 years. I have changed cleaned pretty much everything. My only concern is I haven’t changed the gear box oil as I am not sure this should be started walmed up first to get the oil moving then swapped straight away? Or should I just cold drain it then replace?