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  1. El Marko

    Red Seat Cover, Honda Logo?

    PM me. We sell them.
  2. El Marko

    Getting Back on two wheels!

    Chest protector, good riding pants, good boots, Leatt neck brace. Knee braces are a questionable purchase as there's little proof they actually protect the knee.
  3. El Marko

    I found a ditched bike

    You did the right thing. Good for you! First step on the maturity scale.
  4. El Marko

    Need a new brake lever

    Go stock. The other brands are nice, but I've NEVER wiped out a stock rear brake pedal in about 3 decades of this stuff. Makes it kinda hard to justify a $160 bit of bling, not that I wouldn't want one.
  5. El Marko

    Mud eats brake pads

    "High-performance stickers . . ." Wow! How much power do they add?
  6. El Marko

    Name on the back of jerseys

    This works and if done properly, they do NOT fall off in the wash.
  7. El Marko

    Hey fellas, having R cuff surgery again.

    Go see Dr Mark and get it fixed right. Sheesh already. You're going back to the same mope who didn't get it right the first time? No way I would do that. Go to Houston, get it done right. They can handle the insurance aspect.
  8. El Marko

    whats a healthy wieght for me ?

    I'm 6' but older. I've held my weight at 170-175 throughout. It depends on your body type, but the 170-180 range is correct for most of us.
  9. El Marko

    The Perfect Bike - Opinions?

    Your 02 has the first generation frame and is not noted for its handling or feel. The frames from 05 on make a huge diff in how the CRF feels and handles.
  10. El Marko

    07 450 rear tire size?

    110 is correct. Don't go bigger as it'll affect handling.
  11. El Marko

    what to buy, 450f or 250f?

    At your size/weight, a 450 makes considerable sense. But since you don't race, a 250 is fine. Personally, a 250 2S makes more sense for someone like you.
  12. El Marko

    Mud eats brake pads

    It also eats chains, scratches up plastic, scratches helmets, uses up your goggle lens, etc. And if you use a power washer to get it off, you end up wiping out your bearings and seals on the suspension.
  13. El Marko

    Finally finished my vintage 73 Maico

    Good job. I've had several 74 Maico 400s and they are sweet bikes. Can be frustrating sometimes to keep running, but well worth it. You will enjoy vintage racing. It's racing the way it used to be before the days of hordes of minibike classes and stupid-cross obstacles.
  14. El Marko

    Can't Align My Front End

    Sure you didn't swap the wheel spacers somehow? Also have you verified that it's not aligned by measuring things? If you're just eyeballing it, then a tweaked front fender can give this impression. Handlebar mounts are likely. I doubt that you can bend triple clamps or the steering stem.
  15. You DO know that the brands of tires don't have to match, right?