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  1. I’m going to a local tuner tomorrow. N2Dirt in Santa Clarita. He came recommend by a friend and a repair shop. I’m going to see what he says. I’m hoping it’s fixable for a reasonable amount. I’m missing my Asian imports right now. Your setup is sounds great, just out of my price range. Besides for the money, the suspension should at least be rideable. Thanks Again
  2. Thanks Are you in SoCal? If so who did yours? I’m not trying to be cheap, just don’t want to go overboard. Details on your setup would be great. Thanks Again
  3. Can I re-valve myself? Or is the only option a suspension service? Thank you for the reply.
  4. Hello All I logged my first ride on the BETA yesterday, it was also my first ride in 10 years. It was great! However I now remember the things that need to be adjusted and the learning curve that comes with it. That being said I have a couple questions regarding suspension. But first let my give a little info. The bike was bought through BYOB and included a re-spring from the factory of .54 fork springs and a 6.2 rear spring. I know this because the stock springs were included when I bought the bike as was the BYOB paperwork. This weight profile fits me well, maybe I'm even a couple pounds light. But during my first ride I G'd out the bike a couple times pretty hard. I need to firm things up as the bike feels pretty loose for my style of riding. I'm riding mostly single track in Socal. What I don't want to do is throw money at it. At least until I know what I need if I need it. My strategy was to set it to factory, set the sag properly, then tweek settings and if needed change oil. If all else fails to yeild an acceptable ride, then I will throw money at it. I'll take tire recommendations as well front and rear please? 2016 BETA 500 RS Factory re-spring Desert tank 240lbs. rider kitted out (boots, helmet, chest protector,camel back etc.)
    Greetings I recently purchased a set of these RHINO tie downs and I am very pleased with their function. I have been using tie downs for work and also for motorsports for about the last 25 years. These were purchased to replace a set I had custom made by race car safety belt manufacturer. I discovered the set I had were not working properly when I went to pick up my "new to me" gently used dual sport. It seems the ratcheting mechanism had gotten sticky. Also I was missing my soft sling that I used to choke the bars to prevent the hooks from marring the bars. Well while I was searching I found these rhino hooks with built in soft sling and spring gates on the hooks. The spring gates are awesome because it keeps the hooks from coming off the d-rings in the truck or trailer when you slack off. This is especially helpful when loading up solo! I used to prefer ratchet straps but now I am thinking these cam buckles have their place as well. No worries though, you can get these straps either way. In addition they are AMERICAN made and fairly priced. If your looking for a set of motorcycle straps give these a try.
  5. Agreed. I need to tune up my skills as I haven’t logged any miles on two wheels since 2007. In addition I want to give the bike a shake down run and check for gremlins!
  6. North of Santa Clarita and South West of Lake Elizabeth I believe.
  7. I’m planning to ride Rowher Flats to San Francisquito, maybe Green Valley on Saturday . If anyone is interested. Im not sure where to post this kind of thing, new to the forum. best
  8. Hi and thanks for the info. I’m hoping I made a good choice.
  9. Hi Basalt, Its a 2016 with 65 hours. It really looks brand new, which is why I bought it. I’m hoping to go out this weekend if anyone wants to meet up? I’m in Santa Clarita but I can go north or south. Should be outstanding conditions!
  10. Yes Sir, big tank, radiator guards and some led rear blinkers. Supposedly factory tuned suspension for a heavier rider.
  11. I’m excited to return to off-roading. In addition I’m looking forward to my first European ride. Can’t wait to see how she performs!
  12. I remember a product here in the US as well. I think it was called “switch”. The technology is a great idea. If it save us some weight and makes LiPo viable for us fantastic!
  13. Thanks for the reply. 65 hours. oops, just realized it’s an RS not an RR-S.
  14. Greetings I am returning to riding after a ten year hiatus. I am about to pick up what appears to be a gently used 2016 Beta 500 RS. It has 1600 miles on the clock, rad guards, IMS tank, and a couple other doo dads. I was hoping if there was anything to look for in the way of potential pitfalls you all might steer me right. I'm not trolling, just hesitant about fuel injection on a bike, and in addition first year EFI on a bike. I'm looking for a plated bike with the power of my last two dirt machines. If it's been covered I apologize but I am about to drop $6500 somolians and dont want to make a mistake.I am looking forward to some SoCal dual sporting, single track and some epic Cal City rides. Cheers Diesel My past bikes are: 1999 XR600R bought brand new. I regret letting it go. 2002 WR426F bought gently used. Miss this one as well. 2001 Roadstar Warrior cruiser bought new. HUGE mistake! Adios POS