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  1. HomerDRZ

    Is my Stator shot?

    Grip heaters as mentioned... Question is - Who has the best aftermarket replacement? and can I get it quick....was going to ride this weekend and also I'm on vacation next week just to fart around the house and ride some more....
  2. HomerDRZ

    Is my Stator shot?

    Thanks Eddie - how about all 3? lol I was hoping I was reading Bronco's write up wrong. My relay to my grip heaters internally shorted a few weeks ago....I'm betting it fried the stator. I could feel it arcing internally when I got home to check out the problem. Wish the inline fuse I added would have blown.
  3. HomerDRZ

    Is my Stator shot?

    12.8 volts with motor off - key off Bike running at idle - 12.5 volts Bike running at mid RPM - about 13.3 volts (Bummer) I did the free power mod a few days ago BTW Unplug stator and check continuity Each wire to ground - 1 ohm (Not good per Bronco's write up) Each wire to the other wires - 1 ohm AC check between wires is OK I did ride one day over the weekend but I'm thinking the battery kept up. When I got home and plugged in the Battery Tender light should have went green right away. It took a while for it to get to the green light. Thanks - but I'm sure you guys are going to tell me what I do not want to hear....
  4. HomerDRZ

    KDX220R Kickstarting Method

    Thanks...and I'm assuming after small twists the throttle is then closed...
  5. Hey guys - I bought a '00 220R and need to get used to the kickstarting without flooding it....curious what method you guys use for a cold engine and also one where the bike was just picked up from a fall. It's taking me a good 10 kicks or so to get the cold bike started and I know it's my method and not the bike. Thanks
  6. I always check and change my oil regularly. These last 2 oil changes have been 600 miles apart because we ride in gravel and dusty conditions and also in the high RPM range flying down the gravel roads. Both times it's drained about 1.5 quarts. I'm thinking I'm losing 150 to 200 ml unless this is normal. These are the first times I've measured the waste oil. Bike has 10,600 miles on it. Sure hope all is well. Does this sound like normal oil usage with a bike with that many miles on it? I guess a compresion check is the next thing. When I changed my spark plug, it was a nice light grey so I don't think it's burning any. Haven't seen any evidence of leaks either. Yep I've searched but have not seen what excessive oil usage was for a bike with some miles on it. Thanks for any input.
  7. HomerDRZ

    Riding gear---need advice!

    Purchase at www.newenough.com Call them with questions on sizing. They are great to deal with and give great customer service.
  8. HomerDRZ

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Pulled float bowl and unplugged the pilot jet so I could get riding again.
  9. HomerDRZ

    DRZ "Cutting Out" Problem

    I ran my bike last night after installing a new plug and it was still cutting out. I also determined that it was running poorly through the whole rev cycle but was so much more noticeable on top..........This morning after draining the tank and checking petcock screen which was clean I went for the carb surgery. I pulled the bowl off the carb and removed the jets and found the guilty party. Plugged pilot jet. I knew it when I pulled it out and barely could see through it. After some carb cleaner and a shot of compressed air, it's all opened up. It's running real good now. This allowed me to check a few other things in the process. I also found a pretty good size rock wedged behind the front sprocket when I dropped one of the float bowl screws so a little good does come out of minor inconveniences. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  10. HomerDRZ

    rode a 650.. compared to drz

    DRZ S 291 lbs DRZ E 262 lbs Dry weight of a XR650R is about 277 lbs so it's right in the middle of the DRZs. Horsepower wise there is no comparison. I would sacrifice a little weight to have an E Start on a XR650R as I'm sure so many others would.
  11. HomerDRZ

    I think its time for a new bike...

    If you're bored, set your bike up with some DOT knobbies and hit the gravel sweepers and find out what real fun is...there's nothing like it...you can keep the pavement. You just can't get bored on a quick gravel run.
  12. HomerDRZ

    DRZ "Cutting Out" Problem

    Yep - No canister here.....I made a list and will start systematically going over it and check it off as I go. One thing a guy at work suggested today was the TPS....so I'll have to add it to the list. I'll report back with what I find.....(unless it's something stupid I did ) Nah - I can still laugh at myself. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  13. HomerDRZ

    DRZ "Cutting Out" Problem

    Oh yeah Eddie - long time ago....my bike has been running great for 9000 miles now.. ..I rode it for 250 miles a week and a half ago on a nice Sunday, got gas, put it up, rode it a few days later and this intermittent but steady bog like it's "running out of gas for a split second" started. Over the winter I did all the maintenance items. I've never cleaned the carb in those miles so maybe it's due but it's funny how it just started.
  14. HomerDRZ

    DRZ "Cutting Out" Problem

    Well I tried cleaning the air filter, then new gas, and running on prime..plug is next...then looks like I'm going in to clean the carb. It is a strange problem. While I'm accelerating it does not seem to be a problem but at 55 to 60 and holding throttle steady....I get this quick intermittent "bog.....bog bog..bog........bog..." Did you guys hear that? hehehe Maybe it's time for a whack with the hammer huh? Right before I put it up a week and a half ago, it was running absolutely perfect.
  15. HomerDRZ

    DRZ "Cutting Out" Problem

    I checked the fuel screw the first thing when I got back today....OK Air filter is clean....I take real good care of my bike besides abusing it when riding..(like it's supposed to be) I'll try running on Prime tomorrow. Funny how it just started... the only difference was the gas I got at the Quik Trip right before I came home last week. Quik Trip gas should be OK but I will drain if its suspect. Thanks for comments. This will bug me when I'm at work tomorrow.