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  1. caddyhacker93

    Who posts at Moto Chat

    Hey how many of you are signed up and post on motochat.com (Moto XXX's forum site)? If you do PM me.
  2. Hey me and my dad are thinkin of starting a company [while I can't ride]. And was wondering how to become a distributer for companys? Or should we just come out with a whole new company? If you think i should what should it be? Thanx Cory
  3. caddyhacker93

    crf spark plug price? (no freakin way)

    Yeah check them out their good and cheap
  4. caddyhacker93

    Need to spend my money but.....

    yep sure did
  5. caddyhacker93

    Need to spend my money but.....

    Thanx I'll just wait and get a 250f so nevermind on this thread
  6. caddyhacker93

    Need to spend my money but.....

    well you see I don't relly need to save my money I have got $400 to spend to make my bike better. So come on tell me what I should get.
  7. caddyhacker93

    Make $$ on ebay!

    Yeah I just sold a whole bunch of stuff on there andsold an old old peice of crap chestprotector for $27
  8. caddyhacker93

    Bubba Case Video?

    Dang that gotta hurt
  9. caddyhacker93

    Cool picture you guys might like.

    yea thats a good
  10. Hey just like some other people on here I have some money to spend. I know your probably thinking hes got a broken femur, but I need to fix it up. So see here I have a 2003 KX85, I have a spare fmf pipe and silencer. But right now or a while back I was running a stock pipe and PC silencer. I've got Pro action suspension on it. Renthal bars. I was thinking of getting some new bars, plastics and a new PC platinum pipe. I can get this stuff cheap. But I'm need your help to halp me figure out what I need to get. I will post some pictures when I get them ready. Thanx a ton Cory
  11. caddyhacker93

    Are you an AMA member?

    I'm an AMA member
  12. caddyhacker93

    sweet video

    Yeha me 2
  13. I remember that from motochat.com and hes really lucky
  14. caddyhacker93

    check these pics

    nice pics
  15. caddyhacker93

    Texas 2005 Supercross Round 12 Video

    thanx I missed half the race