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  1. john170950

    Is a neglected Ttr230 worth $700

    Similar story with my '05 230, traded an outboard for it worth about 8 or 900 (Canadian). it was all original not abused but all the wearable parts were shot. I rebuilt the carb with the larger jets, new battery, tires, tubes, chain, brake pads and shoes +etc.., probably put into it the low end of what it is worth. My first dirt bike so I got all quality parts Yamaha or good brand. Now that it's been redone I would not lose anything if I sold it.
  2. john170950

    SUV or pickup

    If you get a good size SUV, might be an option to use a hitch hauler. Similar conversation here:
  3. john170950

    SUV or pickup

    Truck for sure. In your price range a first generation Canyon or Colorado, (2005 to 2012 I think). I have a Canyon, extended cab, 6 ft bed, 4 cylinder, manual, 2wd. Great on gas even when hauling stuff. skidoos bikes etc ...
  4. john170950

    2017 TTR230 Randomly dies riding

    Short / bare wires on the kill switch? Damaged kill switch? you can test that by unplugging it from the harness.
  5. Would a truck work for you? I would recommend one. I've had my canyon for 9 years and used it for hauling all sorts of stuff, including skidoos, dirtbikes, fire wood, engine blocks, all sorts of junk + just daily driving. Its 2WD and in the winter I have over 100 pounds of gravel bags in the back for better traction. In that time I've used 4570 gallons of gas over 103865 miles, so 22.7mpg average. (I track it all in a spreadsheet with oil changes tire rotations etc..). Any similar small or midsize truck with 4 cylinder engine will be about the same for fuel economy.
  6. You want to move both bikes at once or just one or the other? Pickup truck + ramp is easy, I use at fist gen GMC Canyon, 4 cyl 2.9L, great on gas with one bike. You could probably fit two on there if you were careful. Even with the long box, I don't think you could put one on the bed and one on the hitch hauler, have to leave the tail gate down to fit the bikes in the bed.
  7. john170950

    Carb Hose Identification

    Thanks for correcting that, I was guessing
  8. john170950

    Carb Hose Identification

    Vacuum hose I think, should connect to a port on the inlet side of carb flange or manifold.
  9. john170950

    TTR230 wont run WITH choke

    Rich I think, check your plugs to see.
  10. john170950

    TTR230 new fork springs = big improvement

    Tagged for interest, I'm going to investigate doing this myself.
  11. john170950

    Kill switch

    Ok, I see you have a spare kill switch, so you want to install that other switch and use it in place of the existing kill switch?
  12. john170950

    Kill switch

    Did you already buy the one in the top pic? You can get the one in your second pic that plugs right into the harness. I'll see if I can dig up the link to the one I bought...
  13. john170950

    Kill switch

    Ttr230, kill switch grounds the cdi. shorts the signal.
  14. john170950

    Aftermarket Shifter 2006 Yamaha TTR230

    Same here I moved the shifter up one notch on the splines. It also needed some "correction" as I bonked it on a rock, so I bent it out a bit as well. A bit better but still have difficulty angling my toes down enough to get under it comfortably. Could be the boots that are new just need to wear in a bit, if it does not improve I'll look at the pegs.
  15. john170950

    Strange clicking sound from my boy's 2018 TT-R 110

    Good catch.