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  1. You say that like it was ever good to start. LOL
  2. countrykiller76

    Asking for advice on personal gear

    Boots and good jeans.
  3. countrykiller76

    Crank halves are a different color? Unusual?

    The one on the left looks exactly like my dining table. All I can think is it got really hot on one side more than the other. I’ve never seen that before though
  4. countrykiller76

    1998 XR250R blowing thick blue oil smoke

    Light blue is common for oil in the fuel. Did you possibly burn the piston? Maybe a valve seat broke? Check the filters (2) for metal
  5. countrykiller76

    Asking for advice on personal gear

    Been riding ten years. 3 years sponsored. My riding boots (Fox) aren’t as nimble.
  6. countrykiller76

    Asking for advice on personal gear

    Georgia 17” tall steel and HARD LEATHER boots.
  7. countrykiller76

    What carb rebuild kit is best ??

    My xr400R just got a rebuild from like 10 different other bikes. I found factory carbs to be the best.
  8. Yep. You shoved oil into the head too fast. Now it’s in the valves and TRUST ME. ITS NOT PRETTY. Take the head apart, clean it, and post picture. We’ll say if it’s still good. As long as there’s no cracks.
  9. countrykiller76

    Jmarts bike is slow

    But how much torque do they have? Horsepower is only a theoretical number based off torque in order to sell cars. Torque•rpm/5252=HP
  10. countrykiller76

    Is THIS why I need rim lock?

    Dude. The rocks are a total pain (yet fun) I always used to run a Kenda going through them. What's your front?
  11. countrykiller76

    rear axle nut too tight

    In case you didn't believe me… that's a structural engineering book.
  12. countrykiller76

    rear axle nut too tight

  13. countrykiller76

    rear axle nut too tight

    Sure, it can. But a lot of tool Steel is austinetic and/or air hardened. You CAN weld it without killing the temper. I've done it myself. The hard part is knowing when you're getting it too hot and it starts to turn into just another nickel alloy. (still pretty damn strong) Now, if you take it to the melting point and cool it quickly or bend it significantly… you're gonna have a bad day.
  14. countrykiller76

    XR 400 Hi/Low Headlight

    I just did the same thing to my 2002 xr400r. Ended up just putting a mini light bar on it and using the power from the "hi" function on my street kit as an exciter wire. Simply: normal beam, normal light. "hi" beam= light bar.
  15. countrykiller76

    What cool things have you found on the trails?

    Don't underestimate an XR. I rode the hell out of mine. Then it was Sabatoged. Just a good reason to rebuild and make a sleeper. Lol.