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  1. That’s cool i just misunderstood.
  2. OK that makes sense that’s not what you said though[emoji23]
  3. I’m sorry I’m still kind of shocked was that a legitimate suggestion because I’ve showed it to all my motorcycle buddies and it’s got a laugh every time.
  4. Was that a joke? Because i actually laughed at that.
  5. I was actually told it sat in storage for awhile. So should i do a carb rebuild?
  6. Oh ok i’ll look at that when i get home thanks[emoji120]
  7. Hey guys got rid of my kawi and took to long of a break from riding but just bought a new to me bike. I picked up a 2009 Rmz250 for $1300 i think i got a ok deal. It needs serious tlc but that’s the stuff i love so.. Anyway the bike has good compression and starts good but only runs for a minute then just dies. Runs non stop never misses a beat with the choke on. Back fires a very little when you give it gas with choke on (i’m guessing because of the excess fuel?) but as soon as you take the choke of and give it any throttle falls on it’s face. Cleaned the tank cleaned the carb it all looked clean. Could it be valves? Is it the carb? It sounds like a main jet is clogged up but i could see through it when i pulled it out. So i don’t know where to go next. Any ideas? Thank you help is greatly appreciated.
  8. These are just thing I found while restoring a 1995 KTM SXR 50. With the MORINI FRANCO S5-N motor. These are all things I wish it would’ve been easier to find while I was restoring mine. And I know there’s a lot out there so I hope this will help someone. Mine was the SXR which means a couple things first you have the aluminum cylinder second it had the nicer and bigger expansion chamber and there were a couple other very small things. For anyone wondering the cut out in the back of the piston goes towards the back of the bike[emoji23]. That cut out in the back of the piston is only on the aluminum cylinder though. I will post all the pictures and little graphics that I found on another reply because this page keeps crashing when I put the big files on it.
  9. I had a 07 and it was a great bike. Started first kick every time.
  10. I would judge by the condition of the Kx if it’s clean and he has all the parts I’d do it. But remember it’s the first year. It’s really a Suzuki so there are a lot more parts available for cheap. Also you would be trading a air cooled trail bike for a relatively hi performance water cooled mx bike that is awesome in the trails too.
  11. Does anyone have a copy of a 1995 ktm sxr 50 manual? I am in need of a owner, service or parts.
  12. I’ve looked there and they don’t have plastics or some other bikes specific parts.
  13. So I just had an amazing barn find a 1995 KTM Sxr 50 I’ve done a lot of research about it and I was wondering where would be some good places to locate parts and will the 1996 parts fit on it I cannot find any 1996 pictures on the Internet. It is the more rare aluminum cylinder version too!
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