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  1. Inuviktoo

    A very revealing interview by Chad

    This is quite the quote by CR22 "You need to find all-out speed for 35 minutes, two times in a row. I have always struggled with that, but the real reason, plain and simple, is that I raced the baddest dudes that ever rode a motorcycle. I raced against the best guys ever. No one is going to ever beat the motocross credentials of Ricky Carmichael. He had two undefeated seasons, and he never lost an outdoor championship for 10 years. If you take Ricky out of the equation, I could have had three or four AMA Motocross Championships. Ricky Carmichael single-handedly made me hate motocross."
  2. Don't forget Emig stepping up on a KX 500 that he had hardly ridden (dusted off from a previous Kiedrowski or Larocco effort in the past IIRC).
  3. Inuviktoo

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    A few from this weekend
  4. Inuviktoo

    Difference in plastic companies

    Were you thinking something like this?
  5. Inuviktoo

    What does CR, YZ, KX, RM stand for?

    Keep Taking my Money! Any yes, there is some orange plastic in my shop.
  6. Inuviktoo

    What's your favorite/dream green sticker bike?

    I personally know that Chad Reed switched to KTM in 2005 because the YZ 250F was too fast for him that year with the addition of the 5th reed valve. That Showa SSS suspension on the 2005 YZ models is truly considered the best of all time for sure!
  7. Inuviktoo

    Best part of Unadilla was the love on Team Yamaha

    The blue team with Dowd, Henry, Bradshaw and KW was pretty much the coolest MX team of all time IMHO. They really did seem like a family, and genuinely liked each other.
  8. North San Juan and French Corral have a ton of good riding! Find any dirt road off of Tyler Foote and you are good to go. If you get lost, the locals are there to help set you straight! In all seriousness, Nevada City, Bowman Lake, Jackson Meadows, Graniteville, and the little town of Washington can all be linked up via dirt roads. Figuring out how is half the fun.
  9. Inuviktoo

    Are champs born or made?

    Does anyone remember which race it was in '97 when RC got 2nd at one of the nationals, and was pretty much in tears because of it? I remember watching it and thinking to myself that I was looking at the most competitive person I had ever seen. The mental part of the equation is what separates those at the top who all have a baseline of extreme talent.
  10. Inuviktoo


    http://www.cyclenews.com/2005/03/article/henry-wins-florida-gncc/ Granted, Doug Henry is, and always will be the man, and this was a sand race, but dude comes off the couch and beats the 10X world enduro champ on a stock CRF 450 with a big gas tank.
  11. Inuviktoo

    Bad news for Anderson

    Are you sure "he's" not Sondra Peters? Could be both!
  12. Inuviktoo

    Don't Ride Naked

    I like #1 the best, and then #2 in order. However, I am wondering why no mountains in the photo? The Andes Mountains are the star attraction aren't they?
  13. Inuviktoo


    Agreed on all points. Love them or hate them, RacerX does moto-journalism at a completely different level! I kept waiting to read the part about Goose as well that never materialized.
  14. Inuviktoo

    can anybody tell me why the Dr 650 is so ugly

    Park it next to a gen 2 KLR, preferably in OD green, and it will look way better! In all seriousness, I like the way the DR looks. If anything, it is a little lower than a normal dirt bike, and that is what may be bothering you.
  15. Inuviktoo

    YZ Restoration by P841

    Your best looking bike to date! I'm sure it is just the photos, but those tires look really large for the bike!