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  1. Xr600guy

    Baja Designs switch bad?

    Okay, I will have to check the wiring and see what I find. Thanks.
  2. Xr600guy

    Xr600r dies on sudden throttle decrease

    So I think I've gotten a temporary fix.. for now. I checked everything, save for pulling the carb out and opening and all seemed to check out, so I set the fuel screw to its previous setting (2 1/2 screws out) and proceed to try and kick it. It wouldn't kick, so I gradually turned it in until it kicked.. I didn't keep track but my guess was a whole turn in. Then it finally kicked and all seems well, the dying on downshift stopped and I really tried to get it to do it. Thanks again ScottRNelson. However, I only consider this temporary seeing as the fuel screw setting isn't at where it was originally. With that being said I do recall that during the last jetting there was some fuel residue building up in the carb. So I suppose that will be my next step to a complete fix. Hmm, I wonder, if that is the case, will I just need to clean the carb or does that mean it's almost time for a new carb...
  3. Xr600guy

    Xr600r dies on sudden throttle decrease

    I was just considering it as a possibility, seeing as the boot looks kind of old. Not sure if previous owner had replaced it in who knows how long. I was leaning to an air leak. However I inspected the boot pretty thoroughly, not sure it's to do with the boot. Okay, thanks, will do.
  4. Xr600guy

    Xr600r dies on sudden throttle decrease

    Hmm, ok I can check those out.
  5. Xr600guy

    Baja Designs switch bad?

    On my Xr600r I've got a Baja designs dual kit, I'm guessing the older one.. with the yellow horn button. Anyways, everything works fine until I turn on the low or high beam, then it blows the fuse and the lights don't even come on. The lights used to work them one day they got dimmer until they stopped working altogether. Am I most likely dealing with a bad switch and will have to replace with the newer model (and harness)?
  6. Xr600guy

    Xr600r dies on sudden throttle decrease

    Thanks ScottRNelson, You know, I actually tried that and it doesn't work very much, and when it seems to work, it is turned up so high that it is nearly impossible to kick start.. also at at certain point it stops working too. but I plan to try that again and see what happens..
  7. So I don't seem to find my specific issue so here I am asking. I have a 1997 Xr600r. It was recently re-jetted and has ran really well ever since until more recently it has begun to have this issue. Everything works fine. Kicks right away, nice and easy. Runs great, sounds great, purs. But when I'm downshifting and slowing down to a stop, if I let my hand off the throttle that's when it just dies. I found that I can counter this by lightly holding the throttle as I down shift (so I'm revving quite a bit during downshift). But it hadn't done this before. The only thing I've done that I suspect may have been an issue on my part was when I pulled out the engine to change the valve cover gasket and upon doing so perhaps when connecting the carb back to it, I may have missed something or made a crack in the boot? Any ideas? Thanks