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  1. The picture you posted on was how my carburetor came from Honda. The attached picture below is the after, I did exactly as you suggested, the top vent now vents both up and down. . .
  2. Wow! Simply Wow! [emoji872][emoji103][emoji872]
  3. Mine will be easy because my XR250R carburetor already has the T fitting, so all I need to do is attach another float bowl drain tube, and connect and route the other tube up high.
  4. Tom Droze

    The Weight Game

    Isn’t the weight savings more than that because the Tubliss system doesn’t require rim locks, correct?
  5. Tom Droze

    The Weight Game

    Gosh guys, I’m feeling like such a pig; my trail tool bag weighs in at just under 3 kilograms or about 6.4 pounds, and that’s not including the rear rack it sits on. Then there is my spare inner tube, which sits atop my front fender (2.3 pounds). Then there is my Clarke fuel tank and that extra gallon of gas (6.3 pounds). But my shock, battery, and aluminum brake pedal did save me about 5.5 pounds. All in all, I suppose It’s a good thing I’m a full 50 pounds lighter than I was a year ago when I first bought my CRF — or did my weight loss upset the ratio of rider weight to bike weight? [emoji848]
  6. Has anyone experienced detonation issues in sixth gear with the taller gearing (14 or 15 tooth front sprocket and/or smaller rear sprocket)?
  7. 13/48 is my set up. I’ve tried 12/48 and 14/48 and I like the 13/48 best.
  8. When I installed my bling chain guard, I used longer bolts and nylon locking nuts. An ounce of prevention. . .
  9. Tom Droze

    Stroker kits

    I have a 4 mm stroker crank with the 2.5 ST cam, it works well together and produces good low end torque.
  10. For you weight reducing types out there, here is a fast and simple method to drop 2.4 pounds in just a couple of minutes; and as an added benefit, it will also make your wallet lighter too. [emoji106]
  11. Tom Droze

    Battery shorted out today

    I have a fairly high tech battery charger and when I hooked it up to a battery it will tell me the voltage and the percent the battery is charged. When I put this battery on the charger it initially read 13 volts then immediately cycled through various voltage readings with a low of 9.2 volts. The percent charge initially read zero then eventually moved to one percent and in charging mode, it wouldn’t budge off of one percent. The point of my original post was that it never occurred to me that a low speed crash could or would result in an acid/lead battery failure — hence why I just spent $120 on a lithium battery.
  12. Tom Droze

    Battery shorted out today

    You know. . . you guys make it almost impossible for me to hate you. With that said, I’m old enough to know better but still young enough to do it anyway — I have my crash helmet. [emoji854]
  13. Tom Droze

    Battery shorted out today

    Thank you for your sincere reply. I just ordered an Antigravity Batteries Re-Start Lithium Battery (ATZ-7).