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  1. I’m from Canada as well and converting a 2017 EXC 500 to supermoto. I’d like to know where you got those Warp 9 Elite wheels. I haven’t been able to find any supermoto wheels in Canada. Just looking for some suggestions. Thanks 🤘🏼
  2. Converting a 2017 KTM 500 EXC-F to supermoto. Looking for some insight into what brand wheel to buy. I live in Canada and couldn’t find many options so I’m probably going to buy something internationally. Looking for decent wheels but not necessarily the best/most expensive. So far I’ve been leaning towards getting VMX wheels. I heard that Excels were not as strong as Warp 9 wheels, but I’ve also heard mixed reviews on Warp 9’s. I’m not opposed to cheaper Chinese wheels as long as they are decent. Although stuff from China usually means poor quality and poor consistency. If this topic was already discussed can someone post the link, I’m new to thumper talk and not sure what I’m doing.. Thanks in advance. 🤘🏼
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    Best enduro on the planet Soon to be supermoto
    Best enduro on the planet Soon to be supermoto
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    Moto beast
    Moto beast
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    Great little trail bike.
    Great little trail bike.