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  1. Update: Since new valves and cam setting timing and adjusting valves didnt repair the problem I opened it up again to see if I messed anything up. The valves didnt hit the piston at all pulled the jug ti check for play in wrist pin and crank connection to rod, all good there (bike only has 1100 miles). The cam chain looks good and had plenty of adjustment left on auto tensioner. At this point I am thinking I bent one of the rocker arms or the pins they pivot on. Everything else is new and set correctly. One of these being bent would explain the noise, the backed out intake valve adjustment screw and the pitting I saw on the intake cam lobe. To answer the question about compression I didnt check but pretty sure it is good after new valves and visually seeing rings and bore look perfect. Let me know what y'all think about this....
  2. Thank you for the quick reply. I replaced both valves and the cam. When I tumed it all the chain seemed okay, newer models have an auto tensioner, when installed it the chain was tight but i will inspect again and keep you posted on progress. Since i am in there i read it may be play in the wrist pin bearings too so ill check for play in those as well.
  3. I have this same exact situation going on. 1999 dr200se 1100 miles on it. Over reved it hear a "tink" then tick tick tick tick. Shut it down pulled the valve adjustment caps and the lock nut was loose on the intake valve exactly as described by the original poster. I adjusted intake valve to spec, no change. I then thought bent valves due to floating into piston. Disassembled head replaced valves and cam. Reset timing and assembled all again. Started it up and no change. Was this problem ever solved?? I am thinking bent rocker arm gave excessing clearance and backed the tappet nut loose. Rocker arm didnt look bent but who knows....