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  1. 2 smoker69

    street legality?

    I have a 2 stroke suzuki rm that i would like to turn into a street legal enduro. Where i need to go is back roads and state roads i don't plan on riding on interstates so i dont blow it up, but does anyone know if its legal to make a 2 stroke street legal and what all do i need. I'm not sure because of emissions and all that bullshit also i live in the state of pennsylvania.
  2. 2 smoker69

    air leak?

    Ok thanks for all your help i'm gonna get a pressure tester and start there then see whats going on.
  3. 2 smoker69

    air leak?

    I didnt notice it doing that but i did notice once in awhile itll rev up on its own
  4. 2 smoker69

    air leak?

    Do you think I should get a jetting kit then?
  5. 2 smoker69

    air leak?

    I fixed the rightside crankseal a week ago and nothings leaking so maybe its not burning gear oil, and the oil i'm premixing is just the cheap shit from dollar general so maybe thats it and the reeds i thought looked good, also i know its not low compression because i just rebuilt the top end 2 hours ago, if i screw in the air screw does that lean it or is it the other way, on my 4 stroke quad you screw it in to lean it. Another thing is that its hard to start so maybe that has something to do with it.
  6. 2 smoker69

    air leak?

    I knoticed that the head gasket is leaking so maybe its actually burning coolant, but does coolant blow black oil out the tail pipe?
  7. 2 smoker69

    2011 crf250r conversion

    If it were mine i would turn it into a cr250 because the engine would probably line up better and be easier just my $0.02 though.
  8. 2 smoker69

    air leak?

    Its a suzuki and i replaced that seal already thats why i dont understand why its still burning oil
  9. 2 smoker69

    air leak?

    Could a leaking powervalve or powervalve cover cause an engine to burn gear oil, my bike is burning gear oil really bad and i can't figure out why because its not leaking a drop anywhere or could it be the center gasket which i really hope its not.
  10. 2 smoker69

    brake master cylinder?

    I bought a project bike awhile ago for cheap needed redone and one of the problems was the brakes were locked up so i took apart the caliper and rebuilt it. Tonight I hooked the brake up to the brake line (not to the rotor or no brake pads on it, probably stupid.) just to make sure it worked and then i'd hook it up afterwards. I got the air out of the lines and out of the caliper and after a few pumps of the brake it worked like new, well i ended up pushing the piston out too far and had to take it apart again. After i put it back together and refilled the master cylinder reservoir i could not get it to push out any brake fluid, it just pushed out air and little bits of brake fluid but not any actual brake fluid, just what was left over in the line. Anyone know what i could do to fix this i've spent a couple hours on this and can't figure it out. Thanks for any help.
  11. 2 smoker69

    Another 2 stroke question

    Its a 1997 and i may sound stupid but i didn't even know you have to time a 2 stroke and how do you do that?
  12. 2 smoker69

    Another 2 stroke question

    Just checked coolant levels and there fine. Also when i put my new top end on it i checked the rod for up and down play and it had none and the crank turned smoothly. I bought the bike and it needed a new topend so i've never ridden it yet so from the time i've had it its always done it. I have no clue what the jetting is or how to check it, could be bad cause it has a fmf fatty with a fmf shorty and nothing got changed, jetting wise. I pulled the reeds and i thought they looked good a little bit dark in color but clean.
  13. 2 smoker69

    Another 2 stroke question

    On my rm250 everytime i try to start it its really hard to start takes a lot of kicks and when it does finally start it pours out greyish white smoke. Also its still somewhat hard to start when warm 5 or more kicks when warm. I just rebuilt the topend maybe a half hour ago. It did have a bad crankseal and burnt gear oil but i fixed it and its still doing this anyone have any idea whats going on here, thanks.
  14. 2 smoker69

    swing arm cracked?

    Thank yall for the answers, I ended up just going and getting it TIG welded the proper way instead of just half assing it by brazing it the cheap way. Now i'm assured it won't snap while i'm riding and i hurt myself.
  15. I have a bike and the swing arm is cracked. Its cracked where the part that connects to the engine comes together with the rest of the swingarm, kind of by where the shock connects. its only cracked on the one side though. My question is if I aluminum braze it will it be strong enough if i do it all the right way like rough up the surface, bevel the weld, and heat up the parent material would it be enough to hold. I braze a lot of aluminum but never to this extreme and aluminum brazing is supposedly if done right strong as a weld. Do you guys think this will work or no? I would think it would but just want to get other opinions.