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  1. Everything is all good my bike was just cold
  2. Yeah that makes sense it was 25 degrees when I was moving it
  3. My 04 YZ450f clutch works fine when bike is running in all gears, but when bike is off when I pull the clutch In while bike is in gear nothing happens, I’m new to T4s but I don’t think this is normal
  4. Awheeler25u

    Oil seems to be everywhere

    On a side note engine has great compression, and the oil dripping from the bike and on the engine looks fine not milky or anything that would indicate a head gasket or base gasket failure
  5. Awheeler25u

    Oil seems to be everywhere

    I replaced the o-ring and originally I didn’t think the valve cover was sealed correctly either so I pulled it off re cleaned everything and added some permeatex ultra grey to the gasket
  6. Alright guys, my 04 YZ450f runs fine minus some slight backfires when decelerating (need to adjust fuel screw). The other day when I was done checking my valve clearances I changed the oil and filter and put the bike back on the stand, kicked it a few times without the ignition coil in to get some oil flowing got off and noticed a little drip spot on the ground, it was no bigger than a dime so I thought nothing of it. Started the bike with no issues took it for a quick 10-15 min ride, came back to the garage to find out my whole case was soaked with oil and it started pooling in the low spots on the clutch basket side. I cleaned all the oil off and took it out again for 5 mins to try and see where it was coming from, here are my three possible places but nothing directly leads me to believe it’s any of the three either. 1. Decompression plug area 2. Valve cover gasket leak (not really sure because the amount of oil leaking Looks to be a large amount 3. Oil tank (bad weld or cracked weld somewhere what are you guys thinking?
  7. 98 pw 50 (first bike) 99 kx 65 (first bike I raced) 2003 cr85 (first win and broken arm) 2003 KTM 125sx ( two broken wrists) 2004 YZ450f (current bike)