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  1. Update picture. If it posted right. Found some decent plastics for 100 bucks. Going with a red black and white look.
  2. Thanks. Yeah I have all that on my list right now. I am going to wait a while though. Going to get everything else ready. The complete engine rebuilt ate most of my rebuild money. I will probably do this in the future though. I love the way the 96 looks when it is put together, plus you can actually get some different plastics!
  3. Yeah some are painted, some are bent and other are super yellowed from being so old. So going to be heating/reshaping, sanding and maybe repainting them if i have to. We will see what happens for now. Guess I expected the plastics to be a 100 dollar replacement but that isn't the case for these super old bikes. Oh well.
  4. I guess another question. If I did a 96 update. I would need a tank. Plastics. Subframe and seat ? With the subframe change would I need a air box as well ?
  5. Thanks I might have to look into that. I am pretty deep price wise currently so I will wait and fix up these old panels. I have rebuilt the whole thing from the ground up so another 300 just for plastics just doesn’t feel good to me. Mechanically I will be good to go so I think I will piece the rest together over time.
  6. United States
  7. I actually have both the pink and the red. Not sure what I will do. Seems the full kits all are in Europe for some reason so it still ends up being around 300 bucks. Wish the 96 kit would fit. So much cheaper. For now I will have to attempt to refinish the beat to death plastics it came with.
  8. Thank you very much ! I didn’t have the ufo kit number and yeah I guess white it is ! Maybe I will paint a few of the pieces blue....we will see. Or maybe just stickers. Thanks again
  9. Hey guys I am new to the forum but tried to search for this subject and didn't find much for a bike this old. I bought the bike recently and have pretty much everything rebuilt but I am having trouble sourcing the proper plastics. First question is will 96 plastics fit this bike? There is plenty of those kits all over the internet. Currently the only thing I can find online that is actually for a 91 time range is white plastics only and can only be bought piece by piece. When they are pieced together like that is it almost 350 bucks for all white plastics which isn't what I want. So if you know of a thread that can show me how to put 96 or newer plastics on or if they bolt up on their own please let me know. Or if you have better ideas for what to do for plastics let me know! Thanks.