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    Not sure, haven't taken it to the trails yet.
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    Not sure, haven't taken it to the trails yet.
  2. Haha yea, pretty funny. what are the chances of that happening? lol
  3. Well, I looked up the part number of the gasket kit on athena's website and in the picture they show those gaskets seperated
  4. Idle jet may be clogged?
  5. Copper washers....hmmm maybe for a banjo?
  6. Oh, I pulled off all the gears and shit from crank and countershaft, as well as the shifter and kick start. Basically, i would take off anything that looks like it may be in the way.
  7. Flywheel does need to come off. Pull the flywheel nut off, then use a flathead to apply gentle pressure in the direction you would pry the flywheel off. Take a punch, put it on the crankshaft. Few taps and the flywheel should pop off. You can try pb blaster, or even better is something called Deep Creep. One other thing I've heard is a 50/50 mix of acetone and atf.
  8. I would love to see that. I love my 1998 rex 250, great bike. Seeing a new RMX come out would be awesome
  9. No problem! I recognized it immediately because I installed a new lever on a KTM at work yesterday lol
  10. Well, A. We had a fan in front of the radiator (Sorry, should have mentioned that. Probably would have been important lol.). B. It was a cold day. Like, 20*F before wind chill. Ive never had a bike overheat when idling for a few minutes. I kept an eye on the temps with an infrared thermometer. Radiator was at about 215*. Yes I know water boils at 212, but since its in a radiator, the pressure should raise the boiling point, and the fact that its coolant, not straight water, should also. Customer brought it in with complaints of it overheating while riding.
  11. Looks like the bushing from the clutch lever on a KTM. The one with Brembo levers. Goes in the pivot of the lever.
  12. At work, I've been working on a (I believe its a 2013) KTM 450 XC-F. It runs good, but overheats. At Idle, on cold days. It used to overheat after like 4 minutes and spew out the overflow tube. I topped off the coolant, tried again. Still overheated. Installed brand new OEM 1.8bar rad cap. Overheated after 10 or so minutes. Used Engine Ice to top off coolant. Overheated. Anyone have any idea why? BTW this is all with the bike just idling
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