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  1. DrMotoo

    I'm baffled! TTR125LE won't run well...

    if you leave the choke on after it warms up does it seem normal when you idle/blip the throttle?
  2. DrMotoo

    Upgrades for TTR 125

    Little hillclimb on my TTR ­čśÇ Did pretty good, only got exhaust and jets done.
  3. DrMotoo

    Upgrades for TTR 125

    i'm 6 ft 180 lbs and my TTR 125 rips with me on it, its an awesome trail bike. have you cleaned the carburetor? that could be why its bogging down. Exhaust, Airbox mod and jets would give you a little more power
  4. DrMotoo

    Advice on TTR125LE prior to purchase

    you made a great choice! its an awesome bike to have. very fun, reliable and almost no maintenance. i can keep up with 250/450s on trails/hill climbs on my TTR. if you ever want a new exhaust i'd recommend the pro circuit t4 sounds great and makes the little ttr sound like a 250!
  5. DrMotoo

    TTR-125 Fuel Range?

    i'm getting around 80-110 miles on a tank. pretty much full throttle the whole time
  6. DrMotoo

    2018 TTR 125 LE for the wife (soon)

    @Ben500RR-S what kind of frame cradle's do you have on the ttrs?
  7. DrMotoo

    2018 TTR 125 LE for the wife (soon)

    nice! i have a 2017 TTR 125, its an awesome bike for trails and forest rides. i'd recommend getting an exhaust.
  8. DrMotoo

    Be honest! ttr125 or klx140L?

    TTR 125's are awesome bikes! i've owned one for a year now. i recently put a pro circuit exhaust on it and rejetted it. would highly recommended an exhaust, it makes it a lot more fun
  9. DrMotoo

    ttr 125 exhaust

    i recommend the Pro Circuit T4 Exhaust, it sounds amazing and adds some power too