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  1. The first thing I didn't to the bike was to get a new air filter and oil it so it pretty clean. I haven't had this bike very long so I don't know if it ever ran for more than 15 minutes with 32:1. Is there any way the check the jet to see if it's stock? I is there any numbers I should be looking for? Thanks for all the imput guys!
  2. Ok so update, I was having some top end noise so I took a look and found out that I have some scoring on the cylinder, being a big noob with two strokes I dont know how much this would effect fouling. Whats your option?
  3. I'm using 32/1 for the fuel right now. Yeah that plug in the picture is recommended for the bike.
  4. Ok thanks! I'll take a look at the jetting when I get home. This is what the plug looks like btw
  5. Hey guys, I have a 2003 cr125 I bought a couple weeks ago and I'm having a problem with it. The spark plugs die every about 15 minutes, with hotter plugs it will last about 45 minutes. I herd that if the timing is off it can over heat the plugs and burn out the the resistor. Is there any truth to that? The reason I thinks it's not fouling is because when the plug dies it gives no spark no matter how much you clean it, And it shorts out.