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  1. luckypunk

    2019 XCW 250 tpi power valve and fueling issues?????

    south boise/pleasant valley?
  2. here's a crappy photo, torch in goggle, jade on top. jade is supposed to be better for woods/contrast but to me it's slightly darker overall. I probably couldn't tell which one I had it after a few seconds anyway -very solid lenses and don't have a problem with fogging
  3. luckypunk


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEkR24sfS5A I was just watching some vids and saw this one that popped up that seems to be a montage of the (facebook) user posted problem vids
  4. Right now it’s a little Garman GPS Dakota 20 had it for hunting and forgot it’s pretty featured for speed odometer I was going to do a trail tech but not really worried about voltages temps etc. It’s just nice knowing that I can find my way back to the truck
  5. luckypunk

    2 stroke oil and ratio trail riding

    are you getting any spooge/fouled plugs? for me maxima 927 @50:1, medium rippage- not WOT by any means
  6. yup, it's just a twist of the wrist away
  7. luckypunk

    The 300 Club

  8. luckypunk

    Different Colored Plastics... Thoughts?

    stormtrooper white master race checking in
  9. luckypunk

    2019 KTM Starter Issue

    have you pulled off your clutch cover lately?
  10. so I ordered a set of white plastics from acerbis and overall review would be a 7 out of 10. front fender is (slightly) bent and wants to stay that way... while the fit/ finish is good, fork protectors appear to be a less shiny matte finish. these 2 things I'm not overly concerned about and would probably rate the set at a 9/10 however, the side panel at the airbox does not come with the clear plastic bushing for the airbox door. emails to vendor states I am to reuse existing bushing. anyone have a source for these bushings? they seem fairly stout but I think it would get destroyed by the time I swap it over.
  11. luckypunk

    Hydration packs for offroad

    USWE has a 40% off sale if you order through their website, I figured they would be from some warehouse CONUS, but no, it looks to be shipped from Sweden, bought an Airborne 15 for under $100, should be here by friday 😀
  12. luckypunk

    Cleaning a Bike

    purple power on leftside simple green on right. biggest effect on magnesium pretty drastic discoloring, the aluminum has some slight but hardly noticeable.
  13. luckypunk

    Cleaning a Bike

    Ive got both and just started a test with PP on some real thin gauge Al and a piece of Mg I'll let it soak full strength for 1hr? and then take some picts and do the SG next
  14. luckypunk

    Shop setups?

    It's a ktm, also scored a few good deals on stuff like compressor/vacuum etc by taking things to a pawn shop that I was going to throw away, trading for things I need
  15. luckypunk

    Shop setups?

    so I lucked out on a few items when I built. my bench, the drawers are from a dentist office that was being remodeled, really nice ballbearing drawers, tons of tool storage, they were going to throw away so got them for free, same with the trash can (Pennzoil lube can), went by jiffy lube and asked to buy one, they gave it to me for free. As other replies mentioned, If that was my shop I'd deal with the floor first and generally securing the whole structure, Ideally get the floor flat enough to get one of the short stools, mega useful/comfortable. also