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  1. That's when you send me an email and I design and print one for you. I'll give you your part for free just gotta let me know what it is. If you want an example of my work look up xr600r fuel joint.
  2. That’s awesome. I want to thank you for your input and for taking the leap beta testing my product and helping me improve it. If you ever find a motorcycle part that’s discontinued and can’t find anywhere let me know and if I’m able to reproduce it I’ll give it to you for free. That also goes for anyone else that might come across a similar issue. Help me discover missing parts and if I can make it you get your part for free. Anyone is welcome to email me at make your subject fabrication or xr600r.
  3. I <3 the ignore option.
  4. Back to that projection thing Joe.. Get help! I'm done wasting time on you.
  5. And for anyone interested in buying a fuel joint from me please check out my store on eBay. You can find it just by searching for xr600r fuel joint. It will that listing at the top of the page.
  6. If I get rich quick selling these something has gone seriously wrong. But they are selling so I'm gad I'm fulfilling peoples need for a part that no longer exists and helping them get their bikes back on the road/trail. As for the failure and helpless comment. You probably need to talk to a mental health specialist about your need to project your self-image onto others. I feel bad for you and I really hope you seek the help you need. Oh and thank you. Without all your conversation on this thread, I would not have reached the top spots on googles search results as quickly as I did.
  7. If it's too much for you to pay you are always welcome to go on eBay and pay $200 for a set of carbs that probably have a bad fuel line in them as well.
  8. contact me if you're interested.
  9. here it is in all its glory. With the bend as requested.
  10. Do you really care how bad my spelling is as long as you can ride your motorcycle? I'm not here for hooked on phonics your either here because you have no life. Or because you need a part for your bike that you cant find anywhere else.
  11. Alright, everyone, I've got the revised one printing. The two people that have ordered thus far will also be getting these in addition to the original one I posted at no extra cost. Keep giving me feedback and I'll try to keep meeting your requests. Also if you have the carbs that have two fule joints and have the pieces to the long one please contact me and I'll be happy to produce the longer joint as well and for your assistance with measuring it and snapping a pic or two I'll send you a set of both the short and long for only the price of shipping.
  12. I've already sold out of the few that I printed anyways so I need to print more today. Expect to see photos of the revised version tomorrow.