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  1. Hey guys, unfortunately I’ve run into this issue on my 125. Used to twist the carb and be able to get the bowl off but with my hydraulic clutch I can’t. Can someone post a picture of what they did? I can’t see the picture posted above
  2. tsmitth2661

    05-07 cr125 power valves wanted

    I tried to order a couple needles for a carb
  3. tsmitth2661

    05-07 cr125 power valves wanted

    Regardless of that Honda has already discontinued making some parts. I tried ordering a new set. Rocky Mountain says it’ll ship in 5-7 days, last time I tried buying a Honda oem part that said that it bounced back and they said not available anymore
  4. tsmitth2661

    05-07 cr125 power valves wanted

    Does anyone have a power valve assembly they would be willing to sell that would fit an 07 CR125? If not an assembly a shaft and/or the flaps themselves?
  5. tsmitth2661

    2007 Honda CR125R KEIHIN PWK Jetting Help

    I had problems with my 07 fouling plugs too. I got a CCL needle (had a NOZH), # 7 slide, 50 pilot and 185 main. I think that's what I'm at, not 100% sure on jets
  6. tsmitth2661

    Magura clutch set up help

    I have an 07 CR125 that I’m trying to put a magura hydraulic clutch on. Seems like the plunger is bottoming out before the actuater arm actuated the clutch. Any one able to help me out? What am I missing?
  7. tsmitth2661

    2007 CR125r bearings (non oem)

    Would anyone happen to have a list of bearing part numbers they compiled for a 2007 CR125r without having to pull all the bearings for part numbers? Trying to avoid buying OEM to save some money and dont want to buy all balls or pivot works.
  8. tsmitth2661

    Post pics of your CR's

    2007 CR125 all cleaned up