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  1. Anyone wanna ride with a noob at Prarie City? I go on weekdays. Pretty new to riding -- just looking to feed off someone else and learn!
  2. Bike: Husky FE250 Type of Riding: Trails / Single Track / Dessert (Anything beginner-ish friendly) Where I'm staying: Planning to get an AirBNB at one or two cities. I'm thinking Wife will like Santa Monica area or San Diego for food/drinking. I've never ridden Moto out there so not super familiar with what's around.
  3. I'm headed down from Northern California in late April/May with my wife and our two dogs. We're just trying to have a relaxing vacation with our dogs and go around and eat at some good places / beaches etc. We were thinking LA but even as far as San Diego sounds good. Wife gave me the a-ok to bring my bike so I can sneak out out a bit to ride. Any suggestions on where to stay?