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  1. bsaville07

    Skid plate with linkage guard??

    Im looking for a aluminum skid plate with linkage guard for my 2014 ktm 300xc. Can only find plastic ones at the moment. I have a linkage guard but it gets caught up when i jump fallen trees. Need something smooth. Any suggestions?
  2. bsaville07

    2010 FE390 Shift Shaft seal leaking

    My 390 looked as though the shift shaft was leaking oil after a couple hours of riding. The shifter got stuck in the downward position and was unable to move or come up. After taking out the screw that threads through the middle of the shift shaft, then putting it back in, i was able to shift fine. I will be checking tonight if the splines on the shift shaft are worn down. Has anyone had this issue before?
  3. bsaville07

    FMF Powercore 2 vs FMF Q Stealth

    Wanting to know which one is more quiet and the power loss if there is one. Currently have a powercore 2 on my KTM 300xc. Heard from a few buddies that the Q Stealth is much more quiet for riding with lots of people. Will i notice any kind of power loss switching to the Q Stealth?
  4. bsaville07

    120, 130, or 140/80-18 IRC M5B

    @widebear i cant seem to find the original, any places online you can think of?
  5. bsaville07

    2012 XCF 350 starting issues

    It was the fuel pump relay, thanks! @mog
  6. bsaville07

    XCF 350 shorting out

    Turns out it was the fuel relay. Simple fix
  7. I am looking to get a new rear tire soon and wanted to get some input on what size to get. I will be running the IRC M5B. I have a 2012 KTM 350 XCF. Has anyone ran these tire sizes and if so which do you prefer? I ride mostly difficult trails and a good amount of hills. Sometime will hit a track every now and then. Any help is much appreciated.
  8. Recently purchased a 2012 KTM 350. While riding after about 10 min it will shut off like you hit the kill switch and will not turn back on or kick start. I let it sit for a few days and tried to kick start it and it fired up for another 10 min of riding then died again. This time I took out the main fuse and put it back in. After I did this the bike will kick start yet still nothing happens when i push the electric start (full battery). Im assuming this is a shortage somewhere. Anyone ever experienced something like this? Going to try to fix myself before taking it somewhere.
  9. Just purchased a 2012 XCF 350 that recently had a new fuel pump and top end installed. While riding down a hill the bike randomly cut off very quickly. When i push the electric start button nothing happens, no sound or anything. When I attempt to kick start it will also not start yet does have compression. My first thought would be the fuel pump or injectors, yet this is my first KTM so any help is appreciated. I will be checking the fuses tonight but it should still kick start with a bad fuse.