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  1. Brady The Honda Guy

    Scratched fork tube

    Are they too deep to buff out with some very fine scotch brite? I know Rocky Mountain ATV MC recommends doing this
  2. Brady The Honda Guy

    Cr 250 Conversion

    He used to race with my dad back in the day and would take good care of me. I also found a 2003 crf450 roller on craigslest. I feel like those frames are a little more rigid. Is that true?
  3. Brady The Honda Guy

    Cr 250 Conversion

    The motor has the carb and electronics with it. The guy that rebuilt my crf last summer has done a similar conversion before and he’s a fabricator. I could have him do the fabrication for me just so it’s a perfect fit
  4. Brady The Honda Guy

    Old Crf Front Plate/Fender Restyle

    I recently put a newer style fender and plate on my 2007 crf250r. I just had to drill a couple holes in the fender and I used some washer on the back bolts to angle the fender up a bit. Since the original plate mounted with one bolt in the center and the newer styles mount with two bolts, I had to make a custom bracket. Message me if you need dimensions for this bracket. New style is in my cover photo, stock is in my profile picture.
  5. Brady The Honda Guy

    Cr 250 Conversion

    So I can get a 1986 cr250 motor for a good price and I also know a guy that has a 2005 crf250r that needs work. I have the idea of just swapping motors. Would this motor fit in the newer frame?