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  1. Yeah that would be interesting to see! I just hope being good on one bike makes me better on the other. The principals of going fast around a track don’t change much due to machinery. The biggest difference between these bikes and the riding style is that you can become lazy on a liter bike because you have the power, but on a little bike you need to keep your speed as high as possible for the entire lap to be fast. So corner speed and technique are critically important for being competitive. Oh and one last thing: brakes only slow you down.
  2. As seen above ^
  3. Those are 12” rims to use the best tires available for this type of setup. They also have the appropriate sprocket sets needed for the small rims.
  4. My other asphalt machine is a 2009 Yamaha R1 (998cc if you’re not familiar with them).
  5. Hey guys, I've used this forum as a "guest" for awhile now and I thought I'd share my build now that it's all coming together. The primary purpose of this project is to help me train for roadracing my 2009 R1 at lower speeds as well as giving me a cheap alternative to racing the big bike. Here's what she looked like when I picked it up from a local shop. Paid $800 cash for the bike as you see it with 17' rims, FMF pipe, EBC 250mm front rotor and clip on handle bars. Fits PERFECT! Shake down run at the Herrin Compound last summer: As she sits today: