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  1. brent214

    18 FC350 Rear too plush

    Ok I will try that adjustment. I had the tire pressure set at 13.5 psi both front and rear. My yz125 handles the whoops a lot better, it’s more stable and I can charge into it by wheeling the first few. It should be noted that I just had the suspension revalved w/ stiffer springs by FC; I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to go there with my Husky-only has 6 hrs-but it might have to be done if my shock makes me have to tip-toe through certain sections.
  2. brent214

    18 FC350 Rear too plush

    By preload do you mean static sag?
  3. brent214

    18 FC350 Rear too plush

    Alright I checked the sag before riding the track today It’s at 4 1/8’’ which is roughly 104-105 mm I rode some whoops today on the am SX track and the rear end still is unsettled/ slapping me in the rear I tried going out 2 clicks on rebound which did not help
  4. brent214

    2019 Suzuki rmz250 rumors?

    Perhaps take the Vital shootout with a grain of salt They only had 1 day to test the RMZ while they had 3 days to test the other brands
  5. 05 yz125 In the process of doing the restyled plastic. I’m regretting going with the polisport kit as the front fender and number plate are not a great fit. Also, I can’t believe that 2019 oem graphics cost $149 just for the shroud and gas tank. I went with the replica from FX but it just isn’t the same unfortunately.
  6. So would you say it looks better than the other 05 I posted? https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/mcy/d/yz125/6738397682.html
  7. The guy does seem to be a bit full of it, saying it’s “all original” when even the graphics aren’t oem they are a replica set
  8. Thanks, I like to think I’ll check the compression, see if many of the radiator fins are still straight, look for any rust or wear on the frame+engine components, see if the subframe is bent or not, not sure what else to observe that may be hidden..
  9. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/mcy/d/2005-yz125-all-original-low/6744215716.html Just found this one listed for a better deal, think I’m going to see it tomorrow for myself.
  10. I think you are right about the prices, but that is unfortunately just how the market is for used yz125s right now, these are the cheapest one I could find in my area. I think if I got the 05 I would eventually, sooner or later swap the AOS forks for a set of SSS.
  11. I’ve come across this 05 yz125 that the owner claims has only been ridden on fire roads a few times. Wants $2900 This 06 yz125 is senior ridden who is the second owner and he claims to have only ridden it once per year the 10 years he’s had it. Wants $2800. I’m leaning towards the more cherry looking 05, but just kind of wonder if it’s a risk because it seems like it has been sitting for possibly years.
  12. brent214

    18 FC350 Rear too plush

    Yeah I recently just set all the clickers to the sport setting per what the manual says. As for the sag, I assumed that having approximately 5 hours on the bike it had not changed but I’ll go ahead and check to see if it has.
  13. brent214

    18 FC350 Rear too plush

    It happens more under throttle. Coming off an RMZ450 the whole rear feels soft/squishy overall perhaps due to the composite subframe. The harder I push the more the rear end gets unsettled even swapping side to side. I’m thinking of also sliding the rear axle block back to increase the wheelbase some.
  14. brent214

    18 FC350 Rear too plush

    When I charge a set of whoops the rear-end will smack me in the butt. Should I adjust the rebound before opting to go stiffer on the spring rate? I weigh 175 without gear.