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  1. Thanks to everyone for the feedback, I'm going to try to pick up the RMX this weekend, If I can get the seller to respond.
  2. I could use some feedback, My son is getting into off road riding so I have starting getting back into it as well. We mostly do trail riding but did some MX track riding last year and he loved it andso did I. I have a 2003 TTR 225, it's nice that it has an electric start but the suspension is too soft and it doesn't have enough power for my liking. When I was riding the MX track I was having issues bottoming out on the larger jumps. I want to change to a more off-road capable bike. I won't ride it much and don't want to spend a lot of money, I think I prefer a 2 stroke, when I was younger, in 1990, I raced an 89 RM250 and loved it. I am looking at a 96 RMX 250 and a 98 YZ400F, both bikes look to be in good condition and around a thousand dollars. I like the RMX because I think kicking a 2 stroke 250 should be easier than a 4 stroke 400 and the simplicity of the 2 stroke engine. The 400 sounds good because of the low end torque I assume it has but the cost of rebuilding the 4 stroke if needed worries me and I have heard they are hard to start. Should the RMX be decent for an occasional trip to an MX park? Any thoughts on these two bikes?