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    boxing, skydiving, bmx, motocross, hunting, shooting
  1. live2ridemx

    CSU, CHICO Dirt Bike Club

    Yes. I'm actually applying to like 7 schools, but Davis is in my target range, so I should get in. I will be studying (puts flame suit on) law.
  2. live2ridemx

    CSU, CHICO Dirt Bike Club

    Well, best of luck to you guys. I'd love to start something like that, but this is my last semester anyway. I'm applying to UC Davis, so I might be in your area (kind of) soon.
  3. live2ridemx

    CSU, CHICO Dirt Bike Club

    My bad, I should have been more specific. I go to CSUS, as in CSU Stanislaus. I forgot that sac state had the same abbreviation. To answer norcal's question, I do just about any type of riding. I'm only about an hour and a half south of sac, so I'm definitely willing to ride with people from that area.
  4. live2ridemx

    CSU, CHICO Dirt Bike Club

    Good for you buddy. I've been to chico state a few times, and I'm amazed that there are actually people attending that school who ride. I go to CSUS and haven't met a single person who rides dirt bikes there:lame:
  5. live2ridemx

    Looking for riders in Norcal

    I'm in the same boat. All of my riding buddies have quit! If anyone wants a riding partner, PM a brotha! Not this weekend though, I just got back form hollister.
  6. sounds like someone has a similar riding style.....
  7. live2ridemx

    Does anybody ride Oatfield??

    Unbelievably well maintained....one of the best tracks in NorCal. They don't have regular practices, but you can practice before any race day. The next race is on May 25, so hit the practice on Sat. the 24th.
  8. live2ridemx

    Riding Club Moto in Livermore next weekend

    Definitely worth the time if you haven't been there. Then you can decide if it is worth coming back. The quality of the track heavily depends on the prep. Some days it sucks, some days it is great.
  9. live2ridemx

    Lets See Some Ktm's!!!

    After getting home from the shop.. some riding pics... and the duke....
  10. live2ridemx

    Proposals/Ideas for your manufactorer

    I would propose that they make more of an effort to reduce sound without compromising performance. I guess that question may be better suited for exhaust companies though.....
  11. live2ridemx

    Carnegie Hillclimb pics?!?

    F the hillclimb! I went out to ride and the park was closed! I knew the hillclimb was going, but they normally just close half of the park and leave the other half open for riding. I had to ride at Frank Raines:mad:
  12. live2ridemx

    downloading service manual

    I found the one for my bike. 36.95 for a damn cd:foul: I'm sure yours is on there too... http://www.repairmanual.com/motorcycles/2006/36/0/18480/14511
  13. live2ridemx

    my wife is going to kill me...

    sounds like the battle for your manhood has already been lost...
  14. live2ridemx

    my wife is going to kill me...

    hey! I've got one too! I like yours better though:worthy:
  15. live2ridemx

    Where in cali do you live and ride???

    I'm in Modesto......If anyone wants to set up a trip, send me a PM.