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  1. uawelder

    Rubbers anyone bar mounts that is

    +1 on the BRP mounts. Using red inserts, can see out of my mirrors now. Worth every penny. 18 300RR
  2. I bought a KZ RV toy hauler in the early 00’s. Used it for enduro kart racing in the Midwest. Saved lots of money in hotels and food costs. Tracks let me overnight camp for free. Good quality from this manufacturer. I sold it almost 10 yrs later, for not much less than what I paid for it. Look at the KZ RV 190THLE 4075# dry Good luck with your search
  3. Doing a top end on my bike. After I got the cylinder off, I was inspecting the power valve prior to removing it. It looked like it wasn't going to the bottom of it's recess. I removed all the parts and cleaned to bare metal. I loosely reassembled to check for freedom of movement, proir to installing the operating and travel limit levers. Sure enough the power valve drops down further until it bottoms in it's recess. I measured from the top of the cylinder to the bottom of the valve in it's recess = 52.5mm I installed the travel limit lever and measured again = 49mm. So the travel limit lever is holding the power valve open about 2.5mm. So in my mind and to my understanding higher exh port height = top end performance and lower port height = low end performance. So by leaving the the exhaust port 2.5mm higher we are losing a portion of our low end power band, Right? What are your thoughts on this? Side note: What is the hole in the cylinder above the exhaust port for? Is it really for lowering compression to aid in starting or as was claimed by yamaha on the RD series bikes to prevent surging at steady part throttle cruise & to lessen exhaust note bark.
  4. uawelder

    To Lectron or not to Lectron

    I ditched mine after 3 months. Great carb just not for me, just to picky with how my bike runs. Be aware that our carbs are 75mm long, they are the short body version. Normal keihin’s are 91mm same as the lectron. This resulted in fitment issues. Shock rubbed against air boot hard. This causes carb movement that I feel made my fuel level change ie floats sticking. I don’t know if lectron makes a short body. Learn from my experience and that of others, keep the keihin and learn to jet it. If you read the ktm forums those guys are ditching their mikuni’s for keihin’s, gotta by a reason for their popularity.
  5. uawelder

    Beta 300 a Bitch To Start

    Have you checked the condition of your reeds? Worn out (hanging open), chipped &/or frayed can cause hard starting like you've described.