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    18,000 Acres gone in Calif

    Dan, good point.. I just signed up with CORVA and BlueRibbon Collalition. I have ordered some stickers from CORVA and have a gole to start handing them out religiously. Everyone please try and do the same. Also please read through CORVA's site. Lets not let them take anymore land
  2. Lyle_Bell

    Pics from St George Utah.

    Sparcy, Glad to hear that you actually found a EXC. I was down at my local KTM dealer and asked if it is hard to get one right now. I was told that it is just about impossible. I have been thinking of trading in my MXC just to get by the damm red sticker issue. Going to try and register it in Vermont. All my buddys have their WR's dual sported and I am left sitting on the curb You may find that the KTM plows in the front, this is fixed buy putting on the 18mm clamps. I put a scotts damper on and I could not beleive the change it made. Now I am looking to do the clamps soon. Congrats on your new purchase!!!! I am sure you will love it as much as I love mine. Hope you like getting allot of attention. People will contantly stop you and ask what you think about the bike. -Lyle
  3. Lyle_Bell

    Pics from St George Utah.

    Hello Sparky, The bike handles great stock. I have ridden my buddies WR and think that it handles a little better that my KTM but I have done nothing to setup the suspension to my 230lbs from what I have read one of the big thing that I need to do is mount 18mm clamps on my KTM to make handle like the WR. The scotts damper made a huge difference, very stable. I know that I need to make some mods to the suspension but I REALLY love the bike like it is. Super fast and feels extremely light. I have had lots of bikes XR's etc. but none have compaired to this. Lots of middle fingers from my buddys due to the electric start Regards.
  4. Lyle_Bell

    Pics from St George Utah.

    Thanks for the feedback. I was just following on this trip and could not tell you at the moment on how to get there, left at the tree then right, no left . I will contact my buddy that lives out there tonight and get specific directions. We are going to try and do another trip before it gets to hot, not sure exactly when though. I will post well in advance. No special permits needed that I know of. Utah does not have the messed up Ca. rules. Not really sure that I am even allowed to ride my KTM in ca. right now (Red Sticker). They would have to catch me first There is one area up there that blows this away, Zion National Park. This place should be off limits, lots of Anisazi pantings etc. Would not want to ride there but just get into the mountains around it for some pictures. Digby's ride sounds like fun. Cheers.
  5. Lyle_Bell

    Pics from St George Utah.

    Thanks for all the replies. This was my first trip riding in Utah. Had a friend that just moved there and told me and my buddy that we had to ride it. It is soooo awesome I could not believe it. I live in Ventura Ca. and made the nice 8 hour drive but it was worth it. Really the pictures do not do it justice. We plan on doing another ride there before it gets to hot and hope to make it out towards Zion National Park. Yeah there was a BIG storm brewing. Lots of lightning and got rained on right when we were loading the bikes up, lucked out. Would have been nice to have some wet ground. I have ridden allot of places but this has to take it as far a mountain scenery goes. If anyone is really interested I can get the directions on how to get there. I did not have my GPS on the ride but next time... Regards..
  6. Lyle_Bell

    Pics from St George Utah.

    A few more... Somehow you really loose the quality when they get posted to pixfun.com
  7. I posted this before and even located it on the list but it vanished Here we go again. These are some pictures from a ride that me and my buddy did in St George Utah last weekend. Unfortunately the pictures don't really give it justice.
  8. Just wanted to share some cool pictures.. First time posting pics. Hope it works
  9. One other import thing... Don't let your buddies sit on it and twist the throttle when it's off. It has an accelerator pump.
  10. As posted above if I sometimes hit the gas while starting it stops, then just hit it again with no gas and your off. After my first ride the battery cable bolts did become loose disabling the e-start.
  11. Lyle_Bell

    520 mxc owners question

    I just purchased a MXC520 former XR600 buff. I don't ever remember needing to use first gear for bad hills on this bike but I have been up the scariest stuff that I have ever seen. It's a great hill climber and a great all a round bike. The power range is incredible. Sixth gear. Extremely fast and then some. Just plan on putting on a Scotts dampner. Can you tell I like this bike
  12. I purchased a LC4 400 before getting my new MXC 520. Looking to sell the LC4. Just put all new plastic on it and a new water pump, triple clamp with pro taper bars. Scotts welded mount. Full aftermarket exhaust with supertrap. Stock and extra BIG fuel tank (must hold at least 55gals and as a bonus it is licensed for the street "Ca". No dual kit but it has a plate and I just renewed the tags. If it fell over on the kick starter it would start. Just shoot me an e-mail if you are interested. Lyle.bell@openwave.com
  13. Lyle_Bell


    I just changed the tires for the first time on my MXC520. I noticed that the front likes to take a dive on the soft stuff running on the stockers. Some posters here said to go with the Dunlap 756 rear and 755 front. The front tire now looks more like an ice tire than anything else. I am going to give them a try this weekend and post my results.
  14. Lyle_Bell

    I need a new 520 MXC

    I am in Ventura Ca. and was just down at Thousand Oaks KTM this past weekend. From what I saw that had a few MXC's. I purchased mine at Malcolm Smith Motorsports. You may want to check with them also. Thousand Oaks -Yamaha, Kawasaki, KTM 2388 Thousand Oaks Blvd. Thousand Oaks, Ca 91362 Ph. 805.497.3765
  15. Lyle_Bell

    380/520 Comparo

    I just got an MXC520 and love it. I see people talking about vibration but have not noticed it. Some arm pump though. Went riding three days ago and my right arm is still pumped, but that may be because I was blasting through the desert holding on for dear life for 6 hours. The seat might as well be made out of wood but after a few rides you don't notice it any more. I don't know about the 380 though. I do know that I ride with 3 other people who all have WR's and they "really" like my MXC.