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    2019 Yamaha YZ250F Reviews?

    The bike is fantastic! Suspension and chassis are the real sales points for me. I do feel that it does struggle a bit on the top if you hold it wide open up a big hill or running up a long jump face. Anyone have pictures or a link to how MXA is drilling holes in the airbox for more air at top end?
  2. l30horn

    2019 Yamaha YZ250F Reviews?

    I also went down a tooth on the rear sprocket and it’s a much better bike. The power is really broad now and I’m hardly ever in 2nd. Always using the hard hitting tuner setting since it’s the most aggressive and seems to work everywhere for me. Fantastic bike! Suspension is top notch! Do need to shop a new front tire, this one washes out more than I like.
  3. l30horn

    2019 YZ 250F Electric Start Issues

    Is the idle adjusted right? For mine, if i give it gas while trying to start it won’t start so I had to turn the idle up a bit so it starts on it’s own. When it’s cold, be sure to use the choke and let it hi idle warm up for a few min. Good luck! Give more info and will try to help!
  4. l30horn

    2019 yz20f info

    I’ve got one with a few hours on it now. So far, I like the Loamy tune the best. Can really feel a difference when you change the tune to anything other than the default factory tune.
  5. Well I attempted the farm fix today. Working well so far(see pics) Ran a piece of wire around the shield mounting screw to behind the frame rail and wrapped it up around the upper chain guide wheel mount. Sad to rig up a brand new machine but didn’t hook at all today. IMG_9881.HEICIMG_9883.HEIC
  6. They don’t race it yet but they will! Good point tho!
  7. I should’ve been more descriptive; it’s catching at the ankle crease in the boot. So when i make a hard right turn, the left boot lays close to the header and heat shield. Then I go to stand up exiting the turn and the crease hooks the heat shield and binds my boot to the footpeg. Are there longer aftermarket heat shields? I think if it was long enough to extend past the frame, would fix the problem. Maybe tig a piece of strap to it....
  8. I just bought some Alpinestars Tech7’s and they have started to catch on the heat shield for the left side (shifter side)exhaust header. They catch in the crease and keep my foot wedged/locked to the footpeg, frikin crazy. I have a ‘19 YZ250F. Anyone else had a similar issue? Maybe on other bikes/boots?