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  1. Ok, thanks.
  2. Will a Rmz450 skid plate fit an RMX450z?
  3. She did great!
  4. There is a short adjustment period, but what you will notice it that it has gobs of torque and the motor just keeps pulling. I thought I would miss 6th gear but it just means I don't have to click through the gear box as much. It feels like going from a v6 to a v8. The RMX450 is also very nimble in the tight twisty trails. Everyone I talk to agrees the suzuki is the best handling bike out there. My only complaint with the bike is no sight glass to check oil and the thimble for a gas tank. Other than that its a great bike. Oh also the seat foam is a bit stiff for us old guys, I miss my cushy kdx seat. [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]
  5. About to find out how she does out in the dunes. [emoji41]
  6. Im 37 and recently went from a 2004 KDX220 to an RMX450z. The RMX450 is very good in tight single track woods with the factory gear ratios. I've been very happy with mine so far.
  7. Thanks, I appreciate it.
  8. Noticed a bit of blue smoke this morning, it went away after about 20 or 30 seconds. Is this normal or a case of bad rings?
  9. [emoji106] [emoji109]
  10. Thanks i appreciate it. It just seems weird to me that you have to do all that just to check the oil. I really appreciate the help though thanks again.
  11. Thanks i appreciate it thanks. So do the warm up process and pull the screw on the side till it stops draining out?
  12. That was my mistake. I failed to pull the other drain plug. I skimmed over that thinking it was for when you clean the oil strainer. So now the question is how much have i over filled it? 400cc? Do i drain the the oil and Do it all over again?
  13. I just completed the first oil change on the RMX450. I warmed up the bike, put it on the stand and drained the oil. Next I removed the oil filter and replaced it with a new one. I reinstalled the oil drain plug and filled the engine with 1100cc of maxima 10w 40 as per the instructions in the manual. I then placed the old used oil in the jug that contained the new oil I had just put in, at this point it became apparent that only about 600cc had come out of the engine. Wtf. Then I started the engine and let idle for 3 min and turned it off and let cool for 2 min. I then removed the oil level check screw. It then proceeds to piss approximately 100cc of oil out before i finally just put the screw back in so I don't loose all my oil. Again. Wtf. It should have been exactly perfect right? I measured out exactly 1100cc. [emoji53]
  14. I bought mine a few weeks ago, the dealer had already pulled the throttle stop and uncorked the exhaust. A lot of people are saying the factory tune is really lean. I live at 5800 ft so its almost perfect. Love it so far! I may get a JD tuner eventually.
  15. Just rolled over 100 miles on my '17 im loving the torque on this compared to my old Kawasaki KDX220