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  1. Do you run synthetic or conventional oil?
  2. Is there a quick easy way to check the oil level? I glanced at the manual but had some procedures that involved running the bike for five min on the stand and letting it sit for two min then removing a bolt or something. Seems like a lot of work to check the oil...
  3. Im going to be using my bike for commuting this summer, and I'd like to have a keyed ignition so someone can't just ride off with it. I had the dealer look for a keyed ignition but no luck. Anyone know where i might find one? I haven't searched too hard yet, appreciate it thanks guys!
  4. Great! Thanks for the info.
  5. Anyone know the proper break in procedure for the RMX450?
  6. I'm stoked! Cant wait to go for a ride.[emoji2] [emoji2] [emoji2]
  7. Recommend oil change intervals are every 6hrs? Im wondering what the service intervals would be when using a full synthetic engine oil? Or is this not recommended?
  8. Awesome. Thats what i wanted to hear!
  9. Hey guys, im new to the forum. Looking to buy a new bike. I currently ride an '04 KDX220. It has been a great bike but she's getting old and doesn't have as much power as i would like. I've been looking at the RMX450Z as a replacement. Id like a bike that will blast up and down gravel/dirt roads and handle slower tighter trails as well as being able to commute the 2 miles to work in the summer. The reason i like the suzuki is that its at the price point that works for me, and i really like the looks of it. So the question i suppose is: will I be happy with this bike coming from a 2 stroke KDX220? I think it fits the bill but I'd like to hear from some owners on their thoughts about the bike. Thanks!