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  1. LukeyUK

    Oil looks strange

    Castrol Power 1 Racing 10w40 4T
  2. LukeyUK

    Oil looks strange

    My 13’s doing the exact same thing as this dude. Coolant isn’t going down and oil returns to the original colour when engine has cooled. im going to run mine for a day then drain it to see how it is. let me know how you get on
  3. LukeyUK

    18/19 kx250f...

    Solid Bike mate, Just set up his suspension then go. Wouldn't upgrade the suspension until he's bigger and pure rips Enjoy!
  4. LukeyUK

    guys show me your kawasakis

    Pride and Joy
  5. LukeyUK

    Exhaust 2013/2014??

    Yes pal
  6. LukeyUK

    TOP end rebuild problem

    Issue sorted lad, cam chain fell off bottom sprocket. She lives
  7. LukeyUK

    TOP end rebuild problem

    Hi, just done my first top end and can’t et the bike started. it has good compression and spark. what I have found out is when I put my flywheel at TDC and my cams aligned correct. When I turn my flywheel the cams don’t engage or move. Is this normal? Or could you point me in the right direction. any advise would be brill. i forgot to mention that I’ve also changed he cam chain thanks
  8. LukeyUK

    KXF 250 Head Gasket

    HI All, I'm going my top end on my kxf 250 2013. When i removed the old head gasket i forgot to take a picture. My question is i'm not sure what way around it goes as on one side the gasket, one of the coolant holes are restricted (image attached)? Any advice appreciated
  9. LukeyUK

    Reinstall Flywheel TDC

    Thanks Buddy, Clears alot up for me
  10. LukeyUK

    Reinstall Flywheel TDC

    Cheers pal. Finally just curious more than anything. How come when your finding TDC by rotating the flywheel nut anti clockwise it doesn't come lose and fall off? Apologies on the noobish questions. Doing my first ever top end so want to do my homework beforehand. I'm confident on everything else just the flywheel stuff confused me abit but i've got the grasp of it now.
  11. LukeyUK

    Reinstall Flywheel TDC

    Another question... When i'm reinstalling the flywheel do i just need to put it on then torq the flywheel nut to spec? Do i need to use the special puller tool again like when removing?
  12. LukeyUK

    Reinstall Flywheel TDC

    ahhh, just done some more reading and the flywheel will only slot on one way due to the woodruff key. is this correct?
  13. LukeyUK

    Reinstall Flywheel TDC

    Im getting ready to do a top on my kxf 250 2013. I will be installing a new cam chain so will be removing the flywheel. My questions is.... is there a specific way the flywheel should go back on so that the TDC mark when lined up is actually tdc? or is it a case of just put the flywheel back on? I've checked the service manual but couldnt find anything. Thanks in advance
  14. LukeyUK

    Yoshi slip on question 2015 kx250f

    Firstly... How much did you pay for it mate?
  15. LukeyUK

    Service Manual KXF 250 2013

    Managed to find on manualslib. Thanks Again gents